The Jello Dive Walk of Shame


The Jello Dive was a total mystery for almost everyone who got there, no one knew how many people where going to jump into the green slimy pool or how long it would take, there must of been about 300 people there and 100 contestants! ! Wholly Crap!

DSCF1005We  forgot my bubble wrap and pink duct tape knee pads and my change of cloths in the car which was parked quite a long way away but as soon as I got there I knew I should of gotten a bit more silly and wore at least my Tiara. DSCF1001The weather was suppose to be rainy and cool but the weather man was wrong again!   The sun was glaring, there was not a breeze, and only one small canopy and a small grand stand ( for the elite I figure), we found refuge from the sun under a bush near a Red Ant Nest, there was also a Dragon fly that kept dive bombing me and flying circles around us for some reason! I caught a pic of him as he flew by! Dragon flies just love me and of course….I love them back! te.. he.. te.. he!

Dragron Fly

I wasn’t afraid or nervous, I just wanted to get it over with! My leg was throbbing, I was near having  sun stroke and dehydration was setting in and of course in the order of diving I was number #69!!  Go figure! 🙂 To try to keep the jello solid they kept adding huge bags of ice, it was nice to cool off!DSCF1007 DSCF1002

All of us who jumped into this vat of green yuck soon found out that it wasn’t real Jello, I swear it was chemically engineered jello (Not Bill Cosby Jello), it looked like broken safety glass, little piles of it everywhere where people stood after jumping in, clear little crystals not even green! The crap was in Everything! and it was frigg’n slippery, I almost did the splits in my bathtub(after I got home) from a few of the pieces that fell off of me ! Ya!, it didn’t melt!DSCF1006

So this is how it went, one person at a time dove in and found a tag (there were 110 tags in the tank) with a number on it, that number was put in a bucket, then after all 100 people had jumped in and retrieved their tags 25 people’s tags were drawn out of the bucket, then 10 were drawn and then the winner was picked out ! Yay  3  flipp’n hrs. later it was finally done! We didn’t win or even get into the  top 25. Well, we stayed long enough to see who won, a young guy who worked of course,the car was a 2005 Chevy Malibu, a nice shinny black car. Whoop! Congrats kid! You didn’t need it!! So as I promised, here are the crazy & ugly pictures…..

Here I go…
When Jumping in , both knee's slammed the slippery bottom! and I went right under,yuck what a gross mess, it took me a bit to find my tab, and when I did I didn't even look at the number on it, I just handed it over!
When Jumping in , both knee’s slammed the slippery bottom!  I went right under  & it took me a bit to find my tab!
that gunk was in every crack and cranny,I was scooping it out of my bathing suit bra, at least I grew a size!!(in boobs!)
that gunk was in every crack and cranny,I was scooping it out of my bathing suit bra, at least I grew a size!!(in boobs!)
One more thing crossed off my bucket list!
One more thing crossed off my bucket list! Next is to go up in a Glider and Soar Silently like an Eagle over the mountains and ocean!

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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