An Artist???

When I lived on the farm in Northern Alberta some of my escape (mind) was to draw.  I never saved any of them and wish I did. In grade 8 I remember for art class I knitted one mitt! it was an awful mitt with holes of many,  I never did knit the other one!  In grade 10 I accomplished a carved soapstone seal, no idea where it went, probably making someone a great door stop!.  In grade 12, I painted a  Vincent VanGogh which I hang proudly in my home, (for years I told people it was a Picasso…. I forgot who it actually was)! .  Now for my nephews wedding present, having no money to buy them something nice, I decided to tackle a Norman Rockwell, (maybe a little out of my league), but I told myself, Go For It!!

I never had any “bought” canvas, I used what I had, a ceramic tile.  I drew it out in pencil first, I was pretty stoked at how well it looked I took it over to my neighbor to see, he looked at it and asked me ” how did you trace it?” I didn’t, I said firmly!, “Oh! wow! he said”. So his encouragement  gave me the Umph ! to keep at it!  So I unveil my latest painting, and I hope my nephew or his soon to be wife don’t see it before the wedding on Saturday! ( which my sister-in-law payed for my plane ticket to make sure I attended, her present to my Nephew!) It’s been a long time I was a present to anyone!!

I will post the original then mine.

Original (of course)

My vanGogh  1982My VanGogh

Steve & Ashleys Wedding Present finnished
Original (of course not),it was my camera that made this blurry

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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