Air Canada Held Me Hostage!

My tootsies and all the neat things Susan put on the walls of my room!

I had my 1st holiday since 2002, 6 days in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I went because it was my oldest brothers eldest son’s wedding and my Nephew really wanted me there.  My sister-in-law was wonderful enough to buy my plane tickets, on top of that she also bought me a really nice bracelet and the best…I had glow in the dark stars over my bed! That was a cool touch!

The beginning of my trip left me sitting beside a sniffling young girl, I offered her a tissue but she declined then confided in me she was just sad, her sniffles would end, but they didn’t!  She was coughing and blowing her nose, a full blown head cold, I held my breath every time she coughed and sneezed. I also made sure not to touch anything as I leaned over her to snap pictures!

Going over the Rockies
Going over the Rockies

I love to fly, the turbulence and shaking usually leaves people white knuckled, it makes me giggle and laugh, Take Me While I’m on a Roller-Coaster!!  I’m having fun as were going down!! Yee Ha!! (Yes I’m Crazy)DSCF1031

My sister-in-law had me marked down on my plane tickets as Disabled, needing a wheel chair, this threw me for a loop and I felt silly being pushed around, but as I was about to leave the airplane when it landed in Edmonton the steward told me to sit in first class as it was easier for me to disembark after everyone left, so I did, I saw a pair of earphones just sitting there, I took it as a sign to snag them, as some first class person had paid for them and just tossed them aside, they were just sitting there ! Yay! for people throwing their money away so us poor can get a pair of earphones!! Thank You Rich Person!

photo booth 01 001
Ya I had fun! I’m the one with the tongue out! My bro and sister-in-law.

The wedding was great, traditional but not, the bride wore a colourful silver, red and blue sequined gown, her bridesmaids wore what looked like toga’s, the groom & his men in blue 3 piece suits looked so handsome. They had us blow bubbles, hired an ice cream truck for between the ceremony and reception (pop-sickles were free), they even hired a photo booth which had a line-up almost the whole time! The food was great and I was lucky enough to be seated with my brother’s ex-wife’s family! Oh Yay! lol….. and I got to take home a pineapple laden table cloth and a shot glass full of jellybeans! More Yay’s!DSCF1193

Photo Booth 02 001I tried to get away for a few minutes while I stayed at my brothers house, so I could gather my thoughts as my brother and his wife and her mother ( she lives with them ) were continually chattering ( I think I had sensory overload )  so I took my new little friend Dexter for a walk, Dexter is my sister-in-laws little Yorkie, oh how he reminded me of our little Petey, I even accidentally called him Petey a few times. He was so sweet, not walked very much at all so he was just a shaking like a leaf but loving every minute of the walk!Dexter so sweet I got 100 yd  from the house and I heard “clump, clump clump” behind me, it was my bother running after me, I yelled at him to go home, he said his wife told him to go with me, I’m a big girl, I don’t need an escort!  Finally he went home defying his wife when I was about 3/4 of the way thru our walk.

The Monday after the wedding my nephew and his new wife came over and took his father & I out for brunch, nothing says lov’n more then Brunch!!  My Nephew stands 6ft 7, when he hugs me my face is buried in his neck, I almost felt obligated to give him a hickey!  Eeww Gross!! Man that kid can hug, he hugged me like squeezing ketchup out of a fast food packet!  I think I’m his favorite Aunt! Then off they went on their Honeymoon in their little old Toyota pick-up that has a pop-up tent trailer on the back of it.  Just too Cool!!DSCF1222

The traffic was horrid, the noise was non-stop, they even had a crack-house next door, kind of made me feel at home! ( the crack house made me feel at home ), but the last night was a bit much, 5 cop cars all with their lights on in the back alley and to top it off  the police helicopter hovering over the back yard with it’s high beams on !  oh the chatter that went on that night!

cop lights
Oh, all the pretty colours! as the Edmonton Police arrest a woman in the back alley!

The day to go home came rather quickly, I had fully packed the night before as I was starting to get a bit homesick . I told them I wanted to get to airport at least 1 hr or more before my flight ( boarding was at 10 to 4 ), we didn’t leave until almost 2:15pm.  It was almost an hours drive to the airport. I stopped outside for a quick smoke cause it was going to be over 4 hrs before I could have one, I took 2 drags and looked beside me, a sign saying “No Smoking” so I quickly put it out and motored inside the International Airport.

I gave him ( Air Canada ticket Agent ) my confirmation number of my plane ticket, it took him about 5 min to type it all in, his head popped up and he said to me rather snarkily ” That flight is closed!”, but I’ll call down just to check,  bla bla bla, yes, it’s closed You are suppose to be here 45 min before your boarding time! I looked at my watch, it said 3:10, I missed it by 5 min. I didn’t know what that meant, Its not like I’m a frequent flier. The guy looked at me and said ” Well, we have to reschedule you to the next flight so you don’t miss your next connection” he said. Then he says to me, You have 1 bag  to go into the holding? Yes, I do, I answered, he took my bag and put a sticker on the handle and thru it onto a luggage belt then turns to me and says, That will be $25 for your bag, plus tax so the Grande total is $189.00!!  I almost shit! Wwwhat?? why does it cost so much??” well” he says… there is same day schedule change Fee and I have to get you on the next flight to Vancouver because we can’t have you miss your flight from Vancouver to Nanaimo . I stood there totally dumbfounded, I don’t have that amount of money!! This is crazy!! I pulled out the little money I tried to save so we could by groceries when I got home, I was counting out quarters and dimes and I still didn’t have enough.  Here it came, without warning…….the tears started flowing (mine, not his!), I didn’t have anyone I could call, my brother and wife had no extra money…all our(hubby’s & I) money was on the counter, and it looked like it was all going to be used to get me home.  The agent then said to me, Follow me please……he took me to this small frame of a lady who was a cashier, he whispered to her for a couple of minutes, probably telling her how much money he saw me put down on the counter, then said he’d take me to the wheel chair service to wait for someone to help me. So I was faced with this lady, she plunked away on her keys and then looked up at me and said $105.00 please?? I looked at the pile of money I had in my had and sighed a breath of relief, I still had $35.00 and some change!

My wheel chair lady showed up and rushed me through security in the most uncomfortable wheel chair I have ever been in, it had a steel x right in the middle of your butt, boy was I glad to get out of that, but before getting out of it I made the lady wheel me into a cafe to purchase a $3.50 bottle of water! Crazy!  When I got on the plane I dug out my free earphones and tuned it to Syrius 80’s Rock and I cried 1/2 way home when a slow sad song came on.!

I know I’m home when I see a BC Ferry…..being sucked into the jet of a plane!
I never tire of seeing the Ocean!
I never tire of seeing the Ocean!

I read the rules and regulations on Air Canada about the amount they can charge you for change of flight fee’s, well, what I was charged was the middle amount, there was a lower amount she could of charged me and that was $50, plus my $25 for my bag so I would of only had to pay $75, Bastards!

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