Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

This weeks Photo Challenge is Monochromatic, These clouds that hung outside the plane’s window looked like Monochromatic pillows, I felt I could open the door and walk on their fluffy soft appearance.

Floating above my Monochromatic Clouds
Floating above my Monochromatic Clouds

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

      1. I couldn’t even do that since my tickets both ways were on the dime of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and booked by their producers. We had a window seat on the flight to NYC, but my Dad took it!!! Imagine the nerve!!!

        Other than that, I’ve never flown and have no intention of again if I can help it. Too costly and too much of a hassle these days. My shoes stay on for everyone’s olfactory protection!

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      2. Who wants to be a Millionaire?? You’ve got my attention!! was it you or your Dad going on it? Was it with Regis Philburn?? or Meridith? Did you guys win any money?? Just tell me to shut up if I ask to many questions you don’t want to answer! lol..


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