Ancient Artifact ??

On one of our rare road trips this summer, I was exiting the lake from which I was lollygagging; as a child it was drilled in my head to always keep your eyes to the ground because you never know what you will find ( usually a penny ). My eye`s scanned the rocks, I saw an odd rock that was cause for a stop, bend and poke, once I figured the rock was worth being examined closer I picked it up, it didn’t weigh much, it is only about an inch, maybe an 1.5 inch around! and it’s not even flat or round . I got excited when I examined it further, I have never seen anything like it before!
Man made? Yes, I think? Alien ?, possible. Old ?, Yes….Made by whom??? Don’t know, What was it used for ?? So what the heck was it doing on the shore of this body of water which normally would be covered by water??
If any one has any idea’s please email me, I’m just as curious as you are!!DSCF1030DSCF1026DSCF1020DSCF1029DSCF1031DSCF1032


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