It’s Been A Wild Month!

I love to be living in an area where you can still look out your window and see wild animals.
This past month seems to have brought more animals into this small city, it’s been a few years since we’ve woken up to bear scat on the sidewalk beside the car!
I’ve faced a Bear straight on not long after moving here, but yet have taken a photo of one, until yesterday!
The low tides and the salmon migration starting means it’s Bear sightings galore! The night before we heard there were 7 Bears all out at the same time, one was a mother and 2 cubs, on the river shore right across from the roadside that leads to Hwy.4A taking you to Ucluelet and Tofino. My luck, there was only one lone Bear, I think the rest were in town last night taking part of garbage night by the amount of peoples garbage strewn about the streets!

I’ll call this Bear “Pig Nose”….pig nose bearBear and broken boatYum,rotten salmonrinse nose outDSCF1079I don't like how your looking at meMy next post will be of White Tail Deer, photo’s from my front porch!


4 thoughts on “It’s Been A Wild Month!

    1. I did have a big huge one walk down the road and straight at me, it was dark and foggy, I saw it when it was about 50 ft. away, I might of sheet myself a little! I just ran up the stairs and ran in the house!! 🙂


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