Wild Life Right At My Door

The Beautiful White Tailed Deer, this is the pair that are accused of eating all my neighbors Hosta’s and what ever they could get their mouths on! Seen here the male is eating the bottom leaves and branches of a Plum tree! I think they ate some of my rose bush that hangs over my fence!Male White Tail with rack                                                              He has quite a nice rack on him!female White Tail                                    His mate is looking very healthy, hopefully she will have a fawn or two early Spring.Male and female eating berries  This young male will loose his antlers sometime in December, he’s probably only a 1-2 yr. old  (considering the size of his antlers) .The female must of found some tasty morsels in the blackberry bush!

The white-tailed deer, also known as the whitetail, is a medium-sized deer native to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America as far south as Peru and Bolivia.(Thank you Wiki).
Male White Tail

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