Embarrassed and Angry

My hubby and I collect points at 3 of the grocery stores here in town, the other day we traded in 188,880 for a almost $40.00 Turkey, we had it cut in 2 because there is no way the 2 of us can eat through a whole Turkey without puking! or getting food poisoning!

Another of our cards had enough points for $20.00 of groceries. Today we were flat broke and needed about $20.00 in groceries, I went in with a cart (I had to pay $1.00 for the cart<which we took some bottles in to pay for) so  around the store with a pen and paper  I went adding up the items as I put them in my cart, 2 boxes of cereal, a jug of milk, 1, 1l of my rice milk, 10lbs of spuds, the total came to $19.87, I gave my points card first and said I’d like to pay for these with my points, she rang it all in and just stood there looking at me, there was a big line behind me…..I started to pack my groceries, then the cashier said to me ” how are you going to pay for these?” I replied “with my points”, then she says to me, ”  No,you have to have over $20 in groceries” I replied, I felt like my face turned 10 shades of purple and red “I don’t have any money” I said, she replied “so what do you want to with these groceries?” put it all back I said as I  grabbed my bags and said “I don’t want them”, and as I walked out, I was near tears as I got back to the car………….. What happened to all these “Angels” you hear of?? I’ve given people money when they were short at the till because I know what it is like, It’s not like I did this on purpose, even the cashier acted  ticked off at me! I guess the Angels behind me weren’t in the stars for me today,

Well, at least we can eat turkey for breakfast,Lunch and Dinner!

5 thoughts on “Embarrassed and Angry

  1. Common sense and common decency seems to be getting less common these days! What difference would it have made to the store’s profit whether you were buying for $20.01 or $19.99 – they would still have to credit you the points value you’ve earned!

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