Tight Walking Squirrel

Hubby and I went for a walk along a trail beside Sproat Lake one late morning., As I was snapping shots, hubby and Buggz went up ahead of me on the trial,( because I was taking too long)!  He came not really running back towards me but in a hurry to tell me something…..he first thing “there was a bear in the area, there is dead fish on the beach! Ok that’s good to know! then the second thing was quite a story…….

On the other side of the walk way there were a couple of old apple tree’s so there must of been an old farm that the Park was built on.  Well, as hubby was walking ahead he saw an apple tree branch bobbing around like crazy, it wasn’t windy? and the branch wasn’t big enough to even hold the one last remaining apple!  He stopped and watched, there on the branch was a squirrel, doing a tight wire walk trying to get the apple! It was then when he came hurrying towards me, “get your camera ready!” so we shuffled (quietly) to the apple tree where there was suppose to be a tight walking squirrel, well the tree was empty, no squirrel, no apple!

Took us a few seconds of searching for a squirrel with an apple ( we put out an A.P.B ) lol., no sooner, hubby saw the apple in the underbrush of the tree so he climbed in and grabbed the apple, noticing it had already had a few bites out of it!, but as we walked a few yards away with the apple, boy did we get a scolding! I’ve never heard such a fuss, so hubby put the apple down on the side of the trail were he (tight walking squirrel) could see it, we were scolded the whole length of the trail, he followed us tree to tree till he could see us no more! This was the only picture I got of him, high above us in a big cedar tree!

I rest assured, the little bugger went back when it was safe (when we were totally gone) got his apple and took it into his den, maybe in a hole under a tree!!??

Apple Thief!
Apple Thief!

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