More Mysteries Stones…….

If your a regular reader or just a lookie-loo here on my site you know I’m a bit crazy and for some weird reason I like Rocks! Maybe I’m trying to find the ones that have fallen out of my head over the years! I’m sure there have been a few!

Well, my summer find of the rock with lines carved into it had my mind reeling as it was found amongst thousands and thousands and thousands of small stones that 1000’s of people have walked on,swam over, and some probably been pooped on by bears even so, they are strange and I’m going to figure out Where,Who,How and Why?!

This area is known for ancient Indigenous Native’s, they probably lived on this lake 10,000 years or more, but I don’t think they had a saw that could cut such perfect lines. So who did these? are they natural? I  don’t think they are natural, maybe they are made by aliens?  Who would be out in the middle of the boonies with a diamond edged rock saw or sitting with hammer and chisel?

BC CartoonDSCF1007DSCF1011So here they are: DSCF1006 DSCF1015DSCF1008DSCF1021DSCF1013DSCF1010DSCF1020A couple of these might be explainable, but when you look at the oval cigar shaped rock, that’s when I start to scratch my head!

Now if you can explain these rocks or have any ideas about them please, please, share it with me, even if it is crazy or absurd!  Remember, I am blonde so I might believe you! lol

2 thoughts on “More Mysteries Stones…….

  1. We get a lot of weird rocks like this in Tepusquet where I live. As a kid we would collect them and carry them for miles, all fifty pounds worth, lol. We had a lot of chumach indians in our area that left artifacts a little like that, but the aliens were a lot harder to pinpoint. Us kids had our theories though.

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