Voices in the Middle of the Night

Just the other morning my hubby got up and the first thing he said is ” Did you hear all the voices last night, he asked ?” Ah, no, you know I could sleep through a train going through the bedroom, Why? He then told me his story…..

It was real early, about 3:30, or maybe 4:30am, I woke up hearing voices, sounded like the people next door and they were standing in the alley or under the bedroom window! I had to interrupt.. in the Alley? Under the window?? Why in the world would they be under the bedroom window?? “Well” he said ” It just sounded really close, and it didn’t stop, it sounded like they were arguing!  I was getting pretty ticked off cause it just kept going on and I swear they were in our yard and I couldn’t make out 2 damn words!”

Ok, let me interject, Our neighbors live in a big house, about 6 bedrooms. It is a rental property and currently rented to 6 Asian guys who are starting a business somewhere near the waterfront. They range in age late 20’s up to probably 50’s, and not once have they even said hello or made any eye contact with either of us, I’ve tried to speak to one gent, but he wouldn’t even turn around and acknowledge my existence. I will also point out “we are not racist, not one iota!

The other side of our house sits on an alley and we have lots of odd traffic traveling up and down it at all hours and sometimes it’s people fighting (after the bars close), so I started to believe him……..Ok, I’ll finish the story.

“So I tried to go back to sleep but they just kept arguing, one side deep voice, the other kind of wheezy, so sick of listening to it, I flung the blankets back, put my track pants on, threw on a sweatshirt and my slippers and grabbed my bat!  I stepped out of the bedroom and stood in the foyer listening, I stood there a couple minutes and turned to the entrance of the living room, I heard the voices loud and clear, I didn’t even have to go outside, I put the bat down and laughed at myself….. it was the Dog! He was snoring! A breath in ( a deep snore) the breath out (a kind of wheeze)!

The Voices Come From With-In
The Voices Come From With-In

A 15lb little Shi-itzu sounded like a bunch of Asian men arguing! Ha! I had to LMAO !!

What an Idiot!!



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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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