Dear Santa……

Dear Santa,  Hey ! Can I catch a ride?

Santa and me
Me when I was 6

I just need to get to the library, cause it’s the greatest place to hide!

Sorry, no Cash, Grass or dog forbid Ass!  Just little ole me….before I get snide 🙂

Hubbies out doing business with the car, so Santa, can I catch a ride?

I’m sick of being home all alone,…I’ve been a good girl, but I would like to confide…. Santa? I just want 3 or 4 wheels and a license plate that says  “Watch-Out Nitro- Oxide !!

Always asking “Honey can I get a ride to here or there?” I hate it, it’s depressing, it makes me feel like a child!

I’m starting to loose my mind! .. do ya understand me Santa dear??

I just want to get out…..even just down the street to the store…

Santa, I don’t know if you can see me, but I can’t even walk my pup to the park anymore,

I want to  get out, out by my lonesome, wind in my hair, no care’s in the world, just out this damn door!  I don’t even know myself…….I’ve become someone I deplore

So please Santa, I’ve been a good girl, grant me my one wish, but before we fly to the library I really would like to fly past the West Coast Ocean Shore??

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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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