On Guard No Matter The Weather

Well we got a  bit of a dump of snow last night, seems every second day it snows!  It’s a great day to stay inside and go back to bed! But before I do I must share this…

As I looked out side this morning I saw my little buddy “Fat Hummer” guarding his feeders from the other 2 Humming Birds in the Hood! (Skinny Long Beak, and Skinny) the 2 new-young’ns.

This first picture is of the snow in my Plum Tree…… No kidding! lol…

No Where To Sit In The Tree Without Getting  your Feet Wet and Cold!
Can’t really see his colours, but he was flashing his red neck at me (I was about 4 ft. away from him in the shadows). He lets me get pretty close to him!
Got too pound sugar water, I use up so much energy and there are no small bugs out today!
Here he is on a branch that I wove into the railing so he could sit and watch over his “Own” feeder! Smart little Gaffer! He’s almost laying on the branch Constantly watching!

Santa dropped off a couple Suet feeders, I’ve put one in my Plum tree but the little birds haven’t found it yet, I just hope all the birds find it (except the Starlings) I don’t like Starlings!

Well, the urge to sleep is hitting me, it’s just so quiet and I believe the snow is starting to melt already!

Have a Great Day


4 thoughts on “On Guard No Matter The Weather

    1. Thanks Lisa! Last year we didn’t get a drop, this year it’s nuts! I love the Ariel battles the hummers put on, don’t know how they do it in a 6 ft wide porch, without hitting anything..their so cool!


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