It’s Killing Me! The Curse of Oak Island Treasure

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog you know I’m a bit of nut over treasure hunting, digging old bottles and collecting weird old rocks so you probably would think I’m addicted to the TV show on the History Station ” Curse of Oak Island” the Canadian Island that supposedly holds the greatest treasure imaginable. The show is driving me nuts!  Just get to the treasure already ! or is it the waiting and never finding any thing the Curse?? Enough of this bull crap of dragging it out!! Spending 1 hr being amazed at a triangle rock! Give me a break!

So in the midst of my unpatientnous, yes my new word! Un-Patient-nous!! I bring to you my “ Treasure of Nanaimo Tracks” !! And don’t worry, I don’t spend an hour describing my garden trowel! and there is an ending!!

One thing that has stuck in my head since being a little kid was my father saying “Keep your eye’s down to the ground cause ya never know what you will find”, well, his advice had found me a few pennies and a couple quarters but that was about it until the day I went for my walk down the train tracks.

About 15 yrs. ago I went for a walk one day, I didn’t go far, just down the alley to the railroad tracks, the city had just plowed all the black berry bush’s away from the tracks and I have no idea what lead me to to go out and look. I had my head down looking at the ground when a large red string that was sticking out of the ground caught my eye.  Interesting, what could be attached to it?? So I started to pull, and pull, then I started to see something with lots of colour, I looked around and decided there wasn’t anyone around to take my find so I ran home and got my little garden shovel!  Not 5 min later I pulled out this ornate silver,enameled,beaded neck ornament !  I ran home with this thing, excited and babbling to my hubby “look what I found!” as I put it in the kitchen sink and started washing it off, unbelievable!! Hey, I say to hubby ” maybe there is more?” I ran out the door and down the alley back to the place I found beside the tracks.  I bent over and started digging with my little hand shovel but nothing was popping so I kicked over this piece of rotted wood and kicked the dirt a bit and then I started seeing silver, then Turquoise stones, Wholly Crap! A Real Treasure!! I was like a kid in the candy store finding things everywhere!

My Treasure was absolutely mind boggling, then trying to figure out how it got there was the next mystery, we never did figure it out!  So this is what I found…..

Not a bad treasure find for a person with only a Garden Trowel!

It was pretty cool I must admit, I kind of wish I had a computer back then and I could of figured out where it came from and that it wasn’t real silver or very old. But it was still pretty cool!

Take That Oak Island!! Give me a garden trowel and I’ll find your treasure!my Found tresure-2016 7;05;52 PM




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