Just Surf’n…….

Just surf’n here on my old clunker of a desk top computer w/windows vista when I ran across some photo’s with words,  some of them made me think of certain people I know, some here on WordPress and others that are in my life. I thought I’d share them with you…….

Knocked over by a feather.wordpress.com

Merbear, your not alone!

This is how I feel on here………..Thank you everyone!



Ain’t that so….My alter ego, my hubby’s cousin “Terry” we share a birthday and is in the Dominion Republic (somewhere tropical),she’s fulfilling her bucket list,today she is swimming with whales! and has a wish of planting 60 tree’s before she turns 60, She’s about as crazy as I, but can afford to travel!


LMAO !!!

Me again, before I sobered up!



And Don’t Forget it Stimulates Appetite for those who’s drug treatment/disease makes it almost impossible to eat! (my hubby is one).

A close friend of mine had a friend just die of Cancer last month, it hit him with no warning, his daughter with the Doctors knowing started giving her father a drop of concentrated Pot oil under her fathers tongue every day. Within 2 wks.  of this his tumors shrunk 1/4 of their size and he became more cognitive,cerebral and could sit up and hold a conversation. It expanded his time here with his family and friends until the cancer enveloped him. Thinking that if his cancer had been caught early enough it would of turned out better, as in all cancer’s.

My wish and hope is that conservative minded people would start seeing that Cannabis is not  a “Harsh drug” that  precedes “Heroine Use”. I would rather sit in a room full of people smoking pot then a room full of people drinking alcohol.


This picture should be my entry to this weeks photo challenge, but I did not take it, it sure made me think… Not having internet this last couple weeks made me realize just how much “time” I waste on here when I could be painting(I have 4 paintings started), playing with my “Buggz” (my 13 yr.old dog,not real bugs,yuck!) spending more time with hubby ect….it was like I was coming off a drug, almost every thought had something to do with using the computer….I’ve got to look that up,or Crap, I have to get off my ass to go to the bank not just punch in some numbers, or shit! do we even have a phone book?? it was endless, but here I am again!

I go in for a Colonoscopy March 2, because they found blood, I’m trying not to worry but it’s hard not too. The internet can be a savior taking your mind away from everyday worries…so please keep me entertained internet!! but back to real life… Oh well,I better go and wash my dishes, I’ve run out of cutlery!

Do you ever see a photo of something and it makes you think of someone? let me know!

Cheers everyone!


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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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