Memories Of Music

“Keep your eye’s open girls, we just entered Wood Buffalo National Park!, we might be lucky and see a wild Buffalo!”,  Dorthy chirped from the front seat, Ed gruffly spoke up ” As long as we don’t hit one we’ll be fine!”, we could tell he was trying to be funny.  All three of us girls in the back seat sat up straight, each eagerly peering out the windows for a Buffalo, I was more enamored at the big fancy green car that had air conditioning and comfy green leather seats, opulence to the max. this was a new one for me, and I was enjoying every minute!

My best friend “Rena” had invited me along for a weekend visit to her Aunts home in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, a tiny little town just over the Alberta border, it was about a 6 hr. drive into basically no-where. It was Ed and Dorthy her parents, her her sister Sharon and us two.  Rena was good at getting me away from my father’s grip,  I spent many a weekend at her house.  Her parents did not like my father because of his use of violence towards me, I heard they were secretly trying to permanently get me away from him, from which I am greatly thankful, but as my luck has it, it never came to fruition, so weekends away were extra special!

We weren’t in town 5 min. and the word was out there were 3 new girls in town, the cars were on the cruise!  Rena and I were in grade 9, Sharon grade 10,  we were responsible teenagers so as soon as visiting and dinner were over we were itching to check out this little town, we were told to behave and not be too late!  So off we went!

Somehow we ended up at a party with people who had names like “Fish” “Frecks” “and Powder”and of course the real cute, one well, as always Rena ended up with, I can’t for the life of me remember his name!  I ended up with the red head named ” Frecks” and for the death of me I can not remember who Sharon ended up with?? Part of our adventure was going for a ride to the the wild blue yonder and parking the little car 1/2 on the boarder of the North West Territories and  the other in Alberta  all  while listening to “The Cars” playing” Candy O”! What a weekend, I learned that I really liked red heads and had my first necking lesson/session on the hood of earlier said fancy green car!



I grew up that weekend (mentally), my Timex watch that I received when I was 9 yrs. old died that weekend, I think it was telling me I wasn’t a little girl any more,it was a time for a new beginning,  I left a piece of myself back there and if you look real hard you might find that watch in  bushes beside a playground in Fort Smith, NWT.Canada.





One thought on “Memories Of Music

  1. Gosh, how I remember those days. The Cars is the music of my youth also. I was a late bloomer though. I didn’t want anything to do with boys until I was almost twenty. They couldn’t distract me from my horse long enough to look at them, lol. Great blog 🙂

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