A Weary Eye From the Window

Here sits Lucy my Grumpy Budgie, she sits beside her buddy Lou Lou! Ya I’m nuts, I made her a companion when our/her old budgie Sammy died(those are some of his feathers in it) and she stays by it’s side most of the day!


We change her position in the house every Spring and for the first month she sits like a statue when she see’s different birds outside. I have to admit that some of these photo’s are a couple months old aka: the snow!


The Smarts of the Neighborhood, and the ones that wake me up when they drop walnuts off our roof onto a pile of bricks down below!
The Varied Thrush that only visits when we have snow, we have a pair of them.


Black capped Chick-a-Dee that is brave enough to come to the door!
And my brave little Anna’s Hummingbird that seeks shelter under my porch roof in storms and sits and preens himself for hours !
He is my little purple flasher!

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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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