Sunny Sunday @ Victoria Quay,Port Alberni,BC.

The sun was out in full force last Sunday, but a chilly wind was blowing in over the mountains making it a bit difficult to stay warm at the waters edge.  I was able to get a few pictures and one of my favorite’s is of an  Eagle that over see’s this part of the water. With the cold wind and no Black Bears frolicking on the other side of the channel, people were out in force but none staying  long.


The Mill Smoking Away


A busy fairway but no bears on the beach to entertain the folk


As fishermen speed by
A family of ducks pay no heed to boats or the ever watching eye….
To the Watcher of the inlet who sits high in the tree’s on the other side.


A Canadian Pooper floats by…. 
To end a perfect day, a snow covered Mt. Arrowsmith, a rare sight since not a flake of snow was on it last year!


9 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday @ Victoria Quay,Port Alberni,BC.

    1. I live on the end of an inlet in (basically) the middle of Vancouver Island, Canada., in a small city called Port Alberni. It’s pretty wild here, as the other side of the inlet is not very inhabited, during the Fall run of Salmon they come up the inlet to the river and it’s the time of the year the Black Bears come out and tourists can take pictures of them from the safe distance of the walk way and bench’s, the bears also wander the alleys and streets at night getting peoples fruit tree’s and the worst in not sealed garbage cans! I’ve come face to face with one old brute one night after my hubby ran home with the dog in his arm, I didn’t beive him he just ran into a Bear across the street, I went down the stairs and peaked over our fence and there was a 300lb bear slowly walking towards me! Boy did I run up the stairs! My hubby as had run ins with bears and was chased down a road once, he flagged down a truck and the guy thought he was being chased by a dog until he got a better look! He’s also been stalked by a Cougar and I think one was watching our camp one night, I saw fresh prints in the sand and when I went to the bush for a pee I heard twigs snapping! I made us pack up and move closer to civilization! Here is my post on the bears last fall! Enjoy!


      1. glad you liked it, I’ll try to “capture” more this Summer and Fall ! I have some great pic’s of sea lions but darned if I can find them!


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