W.P. Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape 11

This is the beginning of Cathedral Grove, I’ve yet to take pictures of the gigantic tree’s it is famous for, some of the largest tree’s of Vancouver Island. It is now a Provincial Park crammed with tourists and a very dangerous place to cross the Hwy!. A lot of the  smaller tree’s are becoming weak and they crash down in our high wind storms sometimes right across the busy hwy and once crashing a car to smithereens and killing the occupant. You can see that the tall tree’s block out most of the sun so the smaller tree’s die and get covered by moss.I took these not far from  beautiful Cameron Lake that people have said is bottomless and runs under the mountain and opens up too another lake on the other side (Horne Lake).

Moss covered tree's of Cathedral grove.jpg
panorama of moss covered tree’s in Cathedral Grove/across from Cameron Lake, Part of the Landscape of the Temperate Rain Forrest of Vancouver Island
The middle section of Cameron Lake, there are cabins at either end of the lake and an old railway tress-ell that skirts the side of the mountain.



2 thoughts on “W.P. Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape 11

  1. This looks like a breath-taking place. I have never been to western Canada… although when I lived in Toronto I flirted with the idea to take the train through the Canadian Rockies to the coast. But now you’re whetting my appetite again. Alas… it will never happen… but your photographs and descriptions are the next best thing.


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    1. I’m working on my next post about my Hummingbirds, I’ll make a post especially for you with the best shots I have of the Island in the next week! I’ve been on the train from Vancouver to Winnipeg, Manitoba, although being very young at the time, I can still remember the wonderful sights !


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