Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinner-time!


My feeders are super busy this spring, I’ve witnessed many an ariel battle, especially later in the evening  at dusk their Dinner-Time! The Rufus Hummingbirds only showed up about a month ago from their long flights up from the south. My Anna’s (Ruby Throated) male has stuck around all winter,  he’s been defending his territory now he also has a female!


Anna male feeding
Anna male feeding
flying from the side
flying from the side/Anna female
Rufus male
see the toungue?
getting the tongue/siphon ready! Anna female


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinner-time!

  1. What wonderful photos. They are all great but I particularly like the wee girl looking up at the bird feeder. I see the boy is the well dressed one to attract the girl and the girl as is often the case in the bird world. He is lovely too. ❤

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    1. Thanks Galen ! I took a few tonight but haven’t uploaded them yet, it was a bit darker out and was playing with the settings, I’m a bit afraid that when I dropped my camera a week ago I might of screwed up the zoom somehow?, I’m having trouble shooting with zoom at night but maybe still learning my camera? Practice makes perfect!


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