ALONE : The Real Survivor Show

Map of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
The West Coast of Vancouver Island (Upper Left, near the green) Is The Real Survivor Show

All Episodes are a  Must Watch for Nature Lovers! Watch on Line!

About Alone

The new 13-episode season places ten hardcore survivalists alone on northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The contestants have one mission: to stay alive. There are no camera crews, no teams, and no gimmicks. At stake is a $500,000 cash prize awarded to the person who can last the longest. Season two features ten contestants, including one man originally from Galicia, Spain, who currently resides in Mayo, Yukon Territory.

Equipped only with limited gear, their wilderness experience, and cameras to self-document their journeys, these brave men and women are completely separated from one another in harsh, unforgiving terrain. To survive, they must find food and water, build shelters and fend off predators. They will face extreme isolation, psychological distress, and treacherous environmental conditions as they descend into the unknown.

Each episode of Alone features the nerve-wracking thrill of watching individuals face the fury of Mother Nature while plunging into a state of isolation unimaginable in today’s hyper-connected world. These participants must battle everything from territorial black bears and cougars, to punishing winds and incessant rain. Determined to thrive in any environment, the survivalists display incredible ingenuity by building elaborate creations such as a functioning stove, gravity-fed plumbing system, primitive weapons, boats, and much more.
Tune to this web site and actually see the people learning how to survive in the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island,BC., Canada.   Living with the native wild life (Black Bears, and Wolves) and the odd mouse…the latter make good eating I hear!

This is the Real Survivor Reality Show, none of that staged “Tropical” crap!  They start in the season of Fall and basically start from scratch!  The prize is $500,000.  I do believe they should win more….. cause it’s not that Hollywood Crap!

When you see the map of Vancouver Island that they show, I live right at the middle where the white mass is (mountains), only a couple hours drive and I’d be out with the Survivors!



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