The Bear Excitement in the Neighborhood Tonight!

Bear in Docs yardBear in MayBear in May (1)Bear Facts Already!!!

Well, this eve at about 7:00pm I heard a police car real close, I looked out my living room window and there he was parked in the middle of the street, basically right at my friend and neighbors door.  Curiosity (well more like being snoopy) I called my neighbor and asked him what the police were doing in front of his house??  He said “Oh! was that what I heard?, I have no idea” OK, so I go back to what I’m doing and I look out about 15 minutes later and there was a big blue pick-up truck with it’s lights on, hmmmm??  I didn’t have my glasses on so the writing was a bit of a blur…man I’m old! So I moved  outside to the other side of my balcony  as my plum tree blocks most of my across the street view, what I first thought was a person dressed in black sitting on their butt in the long grass of the empty lot across the street turned out to be a young Black Bear delving into someones unlocked garbage! He must of found something pretty tasty, I could hear it crunching from where I was standing!

I ran into the house for my camera only to discover I had no batteries, so I started to empty all the clocks in the house but could only find 2…I needed 4! I hate that when that happens!! Grrr…..

It was garbage pick-up this morning so there was no need for any garbage to be left out, also we have special clips on the outside of the cans to deter these dangerous animals!  To top it off it is was too early for Black Bears to come into town looking for food!  The truck turned out to be a Conservation Officer,  he basically drove the truck right up to the Bear and gave it a good horn blast, the Bear ran up the tree next to it then jumped down and crawled over my neighbors fence into his yard.  My neighbor was on his back porch taking photo’s so I asked when he can to please send them to me so I could share our exciting evening entertainment!  Hopefully he won’t forget and I will post them as soon as I get them!

Wow! I’m not letting my old blind dog out by himself tonight !! I have a feeling it will be back to finish his meal as the people who had their bin knocked over did not go and pick what was left up!  Irresponsible People!! Tssk…Tssk!!




5 thoughts on “The Bear Excitement in the Neighborhood Tonight!

      1. I once saw one while hiking with my dog in upstate New York. My dog and I were pretty tight, and i would talk to him a lot. We were on this hiking trail and up ahead I spotted quite a large bear. I looked at him and he at us. I calmly said to Nelson (my dog) ‘Look Nelson, there is a bear’. Then the whole thing registered and I was like ‘oh shit, there is a bear’ I walked slowly backward with Nelson keeping my eye on said bear who just crossed the hiking trail and returned to the woods. Thank goodness he didn’t eat us 🙂

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