Port Alberni @ Night

Last night Hubby picked me up after his work to take me down to “Victoria Quay” because the last 4 night the Native Fisheries have been out in their boats in the pitch black with only coloured head-lamps to guide their way. As my luck may have it—–not a one on the inlet last night! The Fisheries must of closed! Oh, Well, maybe next year!  I did happen to get some nice evening shots even though I had trouble with the settings, I guess I need to read up more! If a few look blurry Put Your glasses On! lol….  Enjoy!

Port At Night 2016 033 (640x480)Port At Night 2016 035 (480x640)Port At Night 2016 040 (640x480)Port At Night 2016 042 (640x480)Port At Night 2016 047 (640x480)

One thought on “Port Alberni @ Night

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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