Life’s a Beach (Then you grow up!). Part #1

This is for Lisa… she encouraged me to write this….I have to  search of my home to add some pictures ( I think I hid them) I’ll try for Part 2!

My Beach
My Beautiful Beach!

Growing up on Vancouver Island means your either a “Lake person or Beach person”, well, growing up I fell in love with the ocean..on the East side of the Island where you could look  straight across to the mainland of British Columbia (over 30 miles away).

In the summer after grade 10, my father bought a 1/2 acre of land only steps away  (1/2 a block) from the Ocean, a beautiful little place with a crappy name: Bowser! It was between Qualicum Bay and the Government Boat docks of Deep Bay.

The land had no house (yet), we lived in a very cramped little 24′ ft travel trailer for almost 10 months , lots of fun…..NOT! I spent almost every waking hour either helping my father build the house and once I was dismissed for the day or not needed, I was on my 10 speed off to the beach or on foot to climb down the cliff to the water, which someone had built in steps to make it much easier. Thank you who ever you were! I was a lean mean muscle machine after a few trips up and down even with the stairs!

I had a crappy home life so the ocean and riding was my escape! I’d sit for hours on my special rock  just watching the waves bubble over the rocks and listening to every sound. It was my drug of choice, calming and meditating and a great escape from my Brut of a  father, which I had no choice at the end of the day to go back too.

Once summer began I started exploring my new world.  The beach was speckled with  summer cabins and homes of retired people but not populated  by any means. I was becoming a regular fixture and everyone was always quick with a wave and hello, they could basically time me with a watch as to when I’d pass by!

That summer I saw a family of people that I’d never seen before, they had purchased the cute 2 story cabin at the end of “Buccaneer Beach”, it was on a public road with a little bit of parking at the end, the road was treacherous on a 75% incline with a sharp curve near the bottom,  it was hard on any wheeled vehicle especially on my 10 speed’s brakes.  One day I lost my brakes and to my surprise there was 2 brothers at the bottom  unloading their boat to go out to fish, I guess I was his  catch ! One turned out to be a Dry Waller, I found the guy to finish the inside of my dad’s house (so we could move in) and we were pretty sweet on each other for a few months!

OK, back to the family in the cabin on Buccaneer Beach…since I was there almost every day I noticed they had a son, tall, blonde, tanned and very handsome (the Dry-Waller was a short little runt, dumped by then!) I’d saunter by once in a while and say hello, until one day he was there by himself…he invited me in for coffee! How sweet! His name was Dave, he was 1 yr. older then me and our birthday’s were on the same month and day.  I remember he walked over tho the coffee maker and looked inside it and said “Oh, looks like my mom had put water in it already!” so he added coffee and  as it brewed we sat and talked. Once it was ready he poured me a cup and I raised it to my lips and noticed a real strong odor of acidic, I didn’t want to offend so I took a sip….I almost threw up! LOL…it was vinegar that was in the coffee maker!! From then on Dave and I were good friends and spent a lot of time together.  My father never caught on that I was gone for hours (seeing someone)  he thought I just loved the beach, and he was right!

Continued ….in a few days!


9 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach (Then you grow up!). Part #1

  1. wow… living by the beach… I wonder how it is waking up and brushing your teeth as you watch the beach… Although I live in a beach city I don’t get that pleasure since I live away from the beach. Nice post 🙂

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