Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners


The Making of Partners…..in the White Tailed Deer World..in my neighbors front yard on this past Saturday and Sunday!

http://Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge/partners

Sunsets & lazy deer days 021 (640x480)
An older Buck chases a younger Buck away!
Sunsets & lazy deer days 029 (640x480)
Younger one heading for the bush/safety
Sunsets & lazy deer days 037 (640x480)
The older Buck right behind giving chase!

The new happy “Partners” returned the next day for a relaxing snooze on  the place he won her over! (my neighbors lawn)…taken from my front porch~!

Sunsets & lazy deer days 051 (640x480)
Just “ChillLaxen” Together as Partners, watching each others back!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

    1. lol….A few times a year we get wildlife wandering through, last year we had the Deer, a Black Bear, Raccoons and the very rare sighting of a Cougar (no photo on that one) darn! 🙂 yes, it is a very wild place I live…our city has 17,000-20,000 people though!

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