The Old & The Cold and Underwear

I managed to get outside today and walk Buggz, my little buddy, we headed downtown, only 4 blocks from home, Buggz could be blindfolded as he knows the way like the back of his paw, went to our usual little store bought what we came for then slowly headed home, this is a 20 min walk for a normal person but takes me 1 hr.  Buggz is a social little Butterfly as he loves to stop and say hello to everyone because he thinks they will give him a scratch (he’s not allowed treats because of his allergies). We once came upon an old guy who insisted on giving Buggz a treat, I explained the reason why but he started arguing with me, I was getting ticked and said  “No he can’t have one!” the guy was still trying to give him a treat, I almost got into a fist fight with the asshole! I just don’t know about some people! We’ve not encountered this man in a while, I think he died, Oh well!No crumbs lost here!

As I was getting ready for our walk, hubby asked me if I grew a few inches over night?  Of course he knew I’d bite.. “What the hell are you talking about now?”  I said, ” Well he say’s…. your toque is sitting on your head about 6 inches higher then it should, Oh, I forgot! he say’s, your heads round just like a bowling ball ” You put a Toque on a bowling ball it slides up!” Ha ha ha…that’s getting old I say, then he say’s ” Buggz! you take good care of mum and make sure she doesn’t get lost OK?!”  Who’s the looney one, me or him? talking to a dog (a Shi-itzu ) like he’s a guard dog! ha!

So, I did notice hubby did something for me lately and I didn’t give him shit for it, he put my name and address in felt pen on the back of all my underwear, there is a draw back to it though, even though my memory hasn’t been too bad, I’ve ended up getting charged with “Indecent Exposure” a couple times now when I’ve had to whip my pants down and try to read my address upside down, ( in the middle of town of all places)  just to get home…..but luckily the cops are starting to know me and just drive me home once I get my britches back up and zipped! I kind of look like a bicycle stand, and get a lot of offers for a good time! (this is all made up….about the under ware….please don’t believe it!).

Oh well, I can write all night but I have to get up early and do some errands and mend a hole in my Igloo! Night Nite All!!

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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