The Fountain of Love & Longevity……Humour!

Painted by me (ladybuggz)

My hubby and I have been together since 1989, so that is ah…let me think….2016 – 1989 =  27 yrs!! Holly Shit!! Wow, I never thought I would actually be in a relationship that long. This is also the year I turn 52, man, my body feels 89, my mind feels more like a 25 yr. old with a little Alzheimer’s that kick’s in once in a while.  In front of me I have a stack of notes a few words scribbled on each and I dare not throw them away because I just might remember one day what I saved them for!

If it wasn’t for humour I don’t think I’d survive in this world, I’ve always  been drawn to ” Toilet Humor”, I guess shit attracts flies, oops! so I’m a fly ! Then there is my hubby, he can be a real shit, but don’t tell him that, he cracks me up, like just now, he’s in bed and just let a ripper go that was so loud I heard it out here in the living room! I swear I hear him giggling like a little 10 yr. old!

Hubby has more enduring qualities other then farting, he is very thoughtful, like…. bringing me presents every night from work, usually thing’s that are 100% fine but for some reason  the employee’s where he works throw them in the trash, it could be just a few pink paper clips,pens, maybe a book binder or Tupperware with a bit of moldy food in it, to him, it says he’s always thinking of me, it also says he’s a hoarder (even if it’s just a little one). Don’t tell him that! but if Anybody needs any pens or key chains or paper clips just let me know, I have a whole shoe box full I might even have some extra Tupperware!  Then there is his caring side, bringing me a carton of chocolate milk when ever I’m constipated ( I”m lactose intolerant )  he just wants everything to come out all right.

Then there was the night he could of had me arrested for spousal abuse because while he was sound asleep I started clubbing him in the head, I had a cast on the arm I was clubbing him with it, he could of called the cops but all he did was give me a couple shakes to wake me up, I was killing all the insects that were crawling up the side of the bed and attacking him (I had been dreaming) I think I had watched one of those insect nature show’s before bed, or it was the pain meds or possibly both !

There were a few times he took me out for a night on the town, he got them to give me free alcohol by telling them I was his babysitter and left the wife at home to take care of the twins, he was taking me out because it was my birthday!  Oh, by the way we don’t have twins nor did he have a wife!.

Now how many guys will do a dare when asked by their wife/girlfriend?? Hubby did one for me! He stripped buck naked and ran down the railroad ties ( in the middle of town) , he was even seen by a Volkswagen Van full of guys that thought they were seeing things so they turned around to take a second look! Don’t Look Martha!… It’s Too late Martha, she saw! ..

This next one took the cake, it showed me how much he loved me and probably to get me back for something I did ” He Embarrassed the Hell out of me” it was Valentines, he really got me good! It was the middle of a lunch rush at the restaurant I ran, I had a full dinning room of mostly men, my boss called me out to the dinning room floor. Standing there was a guy all dressed up in Top Hat & Tux with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates, this guy made me eat a few chocolates while he got down on his knee and sang a love song to me that I can’t even remember, it ended with a round of applause and me turning as purple as the eggplant in the cooler! When I got home that evening and told him what his Song-Gram did, he was rolling on the floor with laughter wishing he could of been there to see my face!

So, my main point to all this is: you’ve got to have lots of laughter & humour in relationships. I actually  know of a person who refuses to laugh at anything in front of her husband, she is the most miserable person I know!

I’ve read that The Funny Bone is Actually Medically Proven to Exist, it is situated on the top right of the Heart Connected to one of those Arteries (not sure of the name) , without the Funny Bone the Heart has a Slim to None Chance of Survival. So what are you waiting for get laughing!

Live Love Laugh  & Eat Ice-Cream


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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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