Back To “Life’s A Beach” part #4

When I last left “Life’s a Beach” Then you grow up,  all  of you that have been following  my story remember the last words I wrote:  After being beaten and almost killed by my father I heard a loud voice in my head that told me to ” RUN” so I did, I was running for my life……

Hela,Mototo,Giaga park 015 (640x480)
Buchaneer Beach  ” My Place of Serenity “

On Canada Day this summer my hubby and I went up to the “Old Beach”, I showed him around and took him to the various places I sought refuge as a young girl, he left me alone to gather my thoughts, that’s when I tried to figure out how to finish this series.  The  happenings ran through my head a million times until I said to my hubby “Buchaneer Beach & Sunny Beach are where I want my ashes spread because this is the place I love the most …so lets go home!” So I’ll finish the story I started and I’m sorry it took so long to get back to it.

Hela,Mototo,Giaga park 016 (640x480)
Chrome Island Lighthouse, I listened to it’s Fog horn on many a Foggy Night (Taken from Buchaneer Beach in July of this year)

It was 10:30 pm, all the lights were off at my neighbors house but I ran there as fast as I could, I did have a pair of slippers on when I left but I stood on their door step in sock feet, I lost my shoes somewhere along the road.  It took them a few minutes to open the door but they saw my face and how bad I was shaking they practically dragged me in. I blurted out what had happened and they said for me to stay with them for the night, Kathy was a dear and gave me ice for my split lip and her husband George lit me a cigarette and passed it to me. As I calmed down, I asked to use their phone to call my sister in Nanaimo (1.5 hrs drive south) but with no avail the phone just rang and rang, no answer, I hung up. I was lost….

Kathy made me up a bed in their spare room and she tucked me in and told me we’d figure something out tomorrow. I was tired, so tired but so afraid to sleep, I laid their for what seemed like hours then something made me sit up and take notice…I could of swore I heard foot steps crunching in the gravel around the perimeter of the house right under the window I was staying in, it still gives me goose bumps today as I remember it, after a while they disappeared and I must of fallen asleep.

Morning, the three of us sat in their kitchen thinking of what to do, I tried again to call my sister but still no answer, I  had a really good friend in Nanaimo who I should of called right away but I didn’t want him to  get involved, he was my last hope and I was saving his card till I absolutely needed to dance with him.

After a few cups of coffee and 1/2 a pack of cigs, I summed up the courage to face my father, I asked George to accompany me for security reasons, he agreed. As we walked up the street to the driveway of my house, my father came out and demanded George not step foot on his property! I stood there with George for a few minutes thinking my next move, I asked George if he could just stay there and wait for me…and if I didn’t come out in 10-15mins. to call the cops! George waited .

As I walked past my father to my room I was shaking like a leaf but I knew I had to face my fears and do what I had come to do (kill Him) No seriously! I wanted too and thought it many a time but I was there too just pack my bags and get the hell out. I grabbed my suitcase and gym bag and grabbed all the money I had stashed in one of my drawers and packed as many essentials I could think of, my bags were pretty heavy but I manged to get them to the door. My father was sitting in his chair as I passed him and I heard him say ” It was about time you left anyways”! then somehow he appeared before me with his hand outstretched saying to me ” Since you don’t live here any more give me your house key!” so I handed it over and didn’t say a word …..I dragged by bags out and George helped me carry them back across the road and put them in the back of his truck.  George and Kathy then drove me to Parksville to the Island bus stop so I could catch the Greyhound to Nanaimo.

When I arrived in Nanaimo it was already dark and past 7:00pm, I had the driver let me off on the Hwy. across from Walmart where I knew there was a phone and it was the closest point to my sisters house. I dropped my dime in and dialed her number, it rang and rang and rang….I filled with dread. OK, I had to play my last card, I called Shaun’s house, as soon as he answered the phone he could tell something was wrong, he was in the middle of dinner and would be out to pick me up as soon as he could. He showed up about 1/2 hr. later and as soon as he looked at me he just grabbed me and hugged me and I poured out everything that happened, he told me not to worry everything was going to be alright.  Shaun, my knight in shinning armor!

We drove to my sisters house and saw the lights on, I knocked at the door and my little niece and nephew were so happy to see me, I went inside and found they had a babysitter, supposedly sister dear went out for the weekend and wasn’t due back for another day or 2, I sent the sitter home cause Anti  T. was there!

When my sister returned she was quite surprised to see me, I told her what happened and it was like she laughed in my face…I really didn’t see what was so unbelievable…but as I found out a few years later he (my father) had done the same thing to my other sister except as she was leaving he snapped a photo of her to show she had no marks on her if she was to go to the police…..I also found out he always bragged about being able to beat the shit out of someone without leaving a mark….Real nice thing to brag about! NOT! Did I also tell you he shot my dog in the head and told me it ran away? Only for me to find it stuffed in some tree’s a few days later?? Ya, I wanted to kill the Bastard! Any ways, I asked my sister if I could stay until I found work and could get on my own 2 feet, she wasn’t too happy but I was free labour to her and she could run free as she had been!

Shaun stuck by my side the whole time, we even made a trip to Victoria to see my Grandmother, she liked him instantly, said I had a keeper and she liked he was cheeky! lol…Her seal of approval meant the wold to me!  It wasn’t long after that we got a phone call saying my grandmother had fallen and hit her head and broke her hip, she wasn’t going to last much longer, so my sister and I packed up the kids and went to Victoria to be by her side. We weren’t back at her apt. more then 5 mins. after sitting with her in the hospital when the phone rang and they said she had passed…It was one of the lowest times in my life, she meant the world to me.

A few months past my sister gave me a few dollars my grandmother had put aside for me, it was enough for me to get out from under my oldest sisters feet. I found a cute little 1 bed apt. and moved in right away, I found a job and supported myself with the emotional help of Shaun. We were together 4 yrs. and then parted ways, I’m kind of glad, because I wouldn’t of been where I am today and gone through so much personal growth.

My hubby and I have been together 27 yrs., through good times and bad, through health and sickness, for richer to poorer & poorer still, but, it doesn’t matter how we live as long as we have each other and can make each other laugh everyday! The other day he announced he and Buggz came to the conclusion Buggz was changing his name to (hold your hat)  to “Sparkles”! and you know what?? he actually comes 1/2 the time to that name and I howl with laughter every time I say it! That’s what growing up is! So Ya, Life is a Beach!

Sunny Beach Qual Bay (640x480)
My Hubby and ” Sparkles ” @ Sunny Beach in Qualicum Bay, my old swimming hole!(taken July of this year)
Sunny Beach,Qualicum Bay (640x480)
Sunny Beach (Qualicum Bay) looking the other way,  I rode the 4 miles each way almost every day on my  bike, it was worth it!! (taken July of this year).

I’ll always be a Beach Bum!

6 thoughts on “Back To “Life’s A Beach” part #4

    1. If you want more to read…Not for children’s eye’s Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Those will turn your stomach! There doesn’t seem to be a part 1, I guess I haven’t written it yet! Also a good one is ” A Goat and a hand full of Cash”
      Let me know how you do reading them. ((hugs)) ❤ T.


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