Sunday Night Pizza!

It’s been a real long time since hubby and I treated ourselves, so today I decided to do something we usually did back then, way back then……Make our own Pizza!

You see we used to live only a block or 2 from a German Smoke House that made the best sausage and smoked meats around, so making our pizza from that stuff kind of spoiled us ! Then we moved here, didn’t know any place or anyone..until now! ” Pete’s Mountain Meats” makes his own smokies, sausages, Ukrainian sausage, Polish sausage meats, pepperoni’s and and a bunch of other stuff with out the added crap you get from grocery store /big named companies!

I just use my bread maker to make the dough..a basic white loaf recipe…

So here is my creation, from crust,sauce to  the very top! (well I didn’t make the cheese) maybe cut it though…lol ! (When taking pictures of this pizza a felt like a TV commercial where the whole family starts snapping and posting their dinner before they eat) but what the hell, why not?? I’m a bit bored!!! So enjoy our feast!

All the great toppings before 2 lbs of Motza smother’s it all!
Cheese is on….then it’s to a 400f oven for 25 min.!
Doesn’t that look Delicious??? (excuse the nicks out of my stoves porcelain, I’m a tad clumsy with spice jars!).

Awesome Pizza!! If you can find a local Meat “Smoke House” it’s worth every extra penny to make your own!!

Cheers!   Ladybuggz  🙂 email me if you want the full instructions!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Night Pizza!

  1. It looks wonderful! What we do sometimes when kids and grandkids come over is have a “make your own pizza” night. We set out loads of toppings and then everyone grabs a slice of pita bread and loads it with whatever they want. It is then baked for about 10 minutes and then everyone has their own creation to enjoy… and go back and make another one if they want to. It makes for a fun time…


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