My Dragonfly: A Poem


You circle my head as we stroll down the path,

Your wings making a gentle breeze, like fingertips brushing the hair from my eye’s.

You dance in front of me like a school boy, I can’t help but follow as you lead me to the ponds edge .

You skim and skip over the aqua blue liquid, enticing me with every sway and dip.

You tease and gently herd me into the water,

where we unite as one.

Years later, I gazed outside my window and there you were, bruised and battered, wings gently beating, I closed my eyes and I could feel the breeze like fingertips gently brushing the hair from my eye’s.

written by Ladybuggz aka:TLAC

The dragonfly totem carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. ….

For Blair, my grade 7 summer camp crush.

9 thoughts on “My Dragonfly: A Poem

      1. I’ll do it now! Hubby only gets one day off a week, but this Thanksgiving he has Sunday & Monday, so He just want’s to relax and stuff himself, watch the ball game and have an extra day to walk it off with the dog…Most Canadians have it a day before the real day(this year it’s Monday Oct. the 10th) (have no idea why it’s different then you guys)?? Travel and such plays a big role in having it on Sunday! Plus, my birthday is Tuesday and he has to work…so we’re having it today! Every Thanksgiving is always used as my birthday (cause I was born just before Thanksgiving Dinner in 1964) I was a turkey baby! just like a kid who has a birthday on Christmas…poor kid! lol.. πŸ™‚ T.

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