Sister Midnight: A Poem

Sister Midnight your dress is not of cotton,

but of fine imported silk,

The color blood red, you wear with no sign of guilt.

In your long icy fingers you hold a thorny black rose,

 trying to be elegant, but yet; you hold no pose.

Sister Midnight, your bones protrude making you look so frail,

Your evil stature compensates for your skin, so ghostly pale.

When the moon rises above you, no shadow is seen,

Are you real Sister Midnight?

Because deep in my mind, you have always been…….

Your eyes are so shallow, black and eerie, they look as no other pair,

They speak of untold horror and haunting fiery tales,

Sister Midnight you can cry an icy tear?

  On dark misty nights if you listen very carefully you can hear her wale,

but from me she’ll get no sympathy,

because all she makes me feel is fear.

By ladybuggz aka: TLAC

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