WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

A few of our “Local” birds and animals that surround us on Vancouver Island



Blue Heron at Kitsuksis Dyke.jpg
A Blue Heron fishing beside a creek
Antique Truck & Machine Show Sept.03,16 107 (640x480).jpg
A male Anna’s Hummingbird
Bear in May (1).JPG
A young hungry Black Bear being chased out of someones yard
Deepbay boats and geese (640x383).jpg
The unpopular Canadian Goose
Squirrel at Sprout Lake.jpg
A cute little squirrel
Free flying eagles.jpg
Eagles Soaring over their hunting grounds

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


6 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

    1. In your title put WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: ——- (what ever it is that Friday), then put your photo in and write a little comment about it, then at the bottom of your post write the “title again” and make sure in your Categories you type “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge” and then in your Tags write the same ” WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge”, and the subject ex: “Local” of the Challenge and then a couple words to describe ….hope that explains it?? 🙂 T.

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