A Storm’s A Brewing…..

Here on Vancouver Island we were hit by 3 big storms, one right after an other. They started Thursday night and ended early Sunday morning….Here are some photo’s of the start of the “Storm’s a Brewing”!

A storm brewing 028 (640x480).jpg
There was something in the air across the inlet above the fog…
A storm brewing 029 (640x480).jpg
The fog just didn’t want to leave…
A storm brewing 015 (640x480).jpg
I looked up and the sun was almost gone…smothered by big black clouds!

A storm brewing 020 (640x480).jpg

More cloud’s started rolling in over the Beaufort Mountain Range, coming straight from the Pacific Ocean….3 storms in a row!A storm brewing 018 (640x480).jpg

Getting thicker and thicker….

A storm brewing 014 (640x480).jpg
The side of the mountain was almost gone…
A storm brewing 026 (480x640).jpg
Mt. Arrowsmith completely disappeared from sight!
A storm brewing 012 (640x352).jpg
Even this crow was flying for cover….
A storm brewing 024 (640x480).jpg
Then the rain was upon us…..and the winds whipped up for almost 3 days straight..The last storm was part of a typhoon from Japan!

I looked out into my back yard yesterday and noticed part of my big cherry tree had been snapped off by the winds….I haven’t gone out to really investigate, but when I do tomorrow, I’ll add it’s picture!




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