WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine #3

Last month our dog Buggz was entered in the “Purina Better Together Awards (a pet hero for the average person). The contest ended Oct 03, and we came in 9th out of all of Canada (20 were chosen).
We weren’t allowed to publicize on any other sites other then Facebook, Twitter and email….I would of gotten all of my blogging friends to vote but I couldn’t risk breaking the rules by posting anything on it….we ended up with 209 votes! Not too shabby! even if we didn’t win!
This was my “Buggz” turn to “Shine” in return of all the sunshine he has brought us!
So I’d like to Congratulate  Coco and Kim from Chatham for winning! Your “Coco” is your “Shining Hero” ! To read their story here is the link    http://bit.ly/2cwaoeh

Entry Photo

Port Alberni
Buggz just turned 14 yrs. old, he was born without the use of his back legs he persevered teaching himself to prop himself up and to hop like a rabbit (hence name- Buggs/z). He came into our lives at a very dark time and gave us a reason to get out of bed and live. Both hubby and I are disabled, he taught us “”if he could do it, so could we””! He is now almost blind but still has the heart of a puppy and is the most cherished little guy in the world! ————————————————————————————–


6 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine #3

  1. He is a sweetie that has beat a lot of odds against him. It is surprising how our furry friends can lift us up out of a rough and sad time.

    We live in Prince George and have been to Port Alberni many times. We always have to stop at the store with sheep on the roof when we head that way.

    Nice to meet you neighbours.

    Jean, Shoko and Kali

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