My ” Christine ” (Stephen King) A True Horror Story…1983

My girlfriend Ella and I were out partying one night back in the summer of 1983 , we were a bit tipsy, it was late and we decided to walk home to sober up…. This decision lead us to a place we never thought we’d ever go…

It must of been about 2:00-3:00 am, Ella and I were out partying (like usual back then), we must of been at a house along the Island Hwy., as there weren’t many houses around back then and I don’t recall who’s we’d been at but I do remember what happened while walking home like it was like yesterday….

The highway was only 2 lanes up to a point, then up a bit of a incline it turned into a 4.5 lane Highway so people in a hurry could pass all the slow traffic. We were headed north to the very end of this part of the highway which was about 1.25 miles long , flat as a pancake it had no lighting  just total bush on each side….kind of spooky at that time of night!

So we were just staggering along when we noticed at the far north end of the road a car in the south lane with it’s headlights on just sitting there, it seemed to appear out of know where.  We didn’t think anything of it so we just kept walking, talking and joking around with each other. What happened next made us stop and watch…the car revved to life and jolted about 100 ft ahead, then just stopped, dead silent with the headlights  on high beam.

We looked at each other and agreed that it was kind of strange, but payed no heed to it and kept walking…then it revved up again, and lurched forward another 100 ft. coming to a dead stop and going silent again, beams on high!  Ok, this was getting a  bit strange, I know we both had read the latest Stephan King book “Christine” about a crazy car that had a mind of it’s own, killing people…but that was fiction, nothing like that would actually happen around here right??  We were starting to get a bit nervous.

As there were no lights on this hwy. we knew who ever was in this car probably couldn’t see us, so we were safe, as long as they stayed on their side of the hwy.! Ya, that’s what we told each other, until the car revved to life again and actually jolted a bit closer, then going silent, leaving it’s lights on high again…this time we thought this car could probably see us by now since it was about in the middle stretch of the passing lanes and the gap between us was getting closer!

Time for a Pow Wow! We were getting really freaked, our imaginations were on the loose and we were drunk enough to believe this car was going to hurt us! What in the hell were we going to do??? We were sitting ducks! Just as we were pondering our situation the damn car came back to life revving it’s engine even more! It’s tires squealed as it started to move forward again, faster then the last time and closing the gap between us….

Just as the car got within about 100ft, without hesitation, we looked at each other and yelled ” Jump in the ditch!” so both of us dove into the 8 ft. deep ditch that was nothing more then 8 ft. of Blackberry brambles !

We both laid there a few minutes to let our heads clear and to untangle ourselves from the thorns that dug deep into our flesh. We heard the engine of the car fly past and then it’s lights disappeared down to the old 2 lane hwy., continuing south, the car was gone!

Two shaking girls crawled out of the ditch a bit worse for ware, turning to each other and bursting hysterically into laughter!  Oh My! what a story this would make! We checked each other over for thorns and dirt, still laughing and smacking each other, blaming each other for getting us so riled up ! A haunted car that drove itself and killed people willy nilly… it wasn’t me that put it into our heads! I don’t have that kind of imagination! lol…

Funniest thing, a few years later I was telling someone about this story and they actually remembered their car acting up and dying on them every few 100 ft. at the exact place, time and every other detail…that just blew me away! They laughed their head off at our jumping into the ditch! It wasn’t that funny at the time!

So the moral of this story is…Your imagination can be your worst nightmare! Really, it can be!




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