Low Tide… River’s Gone Wild!

The West Coast of Vancouver Island including the Port Alberni Inlet has seen tons of rain, so again the River and Inlet are swollen with water and people are being evacuated (those that live too close to the waters edge), as the tide rises and fall’s there seems to be no in between!  The rain is suppose to keep falling and this week the “Super Tide” (highest tides of the year) is due in a few days! That spells more disaster!

Here are a few photo’s I took today at 1:00pm this afternoon (Tues), and it was unbelievably Low Tide!

2016 Flood Nov. 08 029 (640x480).jpg
There was a nice flat spot under that weeping willow tree that sat a small travel trailer, you can still see part of a deck chair!
2016 Flood Nov. 08 036 (640x480).jpg
The wild water going under the bridge, entering the Port Alberni Inlet
2016 Flood Nov. 08 039 (640x480).jpg
The view of the upper river and the Hwy.
2016 Flood Nov. 08 047.JPG
As we drove back into town, you can see how flooded peoples boat ramps and rec area’s are!


2016 Flood Nov. 08 056 (640x480).jpg

2016 Flood Nov. 08 063 (640x480).jpg

2016 Flood Nov. 08 065 (640x480).jpg
This one is just hanging in there!
2016 Flood Nov. 08 069 (640x480).jpg
This is the marina’s boat launch

Victoria Quay, my favorite place to take pictures, shows an angry, swollen inlet! The boat launch is in the lower right hand corner (by the green roof).2016 Flood Nov. 08 008.JPG

2016 Flood Nov. 08 009 (640x480).jpg
Across from the Mill, the flats are flooded.


2016 Flood Nov. 08 082.JPG

This is aptly called “Dry Creek” it is in a ravine about 1 block from my house, thank god I live on a hill!



9 thoughts on “Low Tide… River’s Gone Wild!

  1. MY good grief…nature can be horrible when she goes wild. The Fraser often reaches far over the banks at breakup in the spring. It’s scary and we hope no one there is in any real personal trouble. These are fantastic pictures and I thank you for the glimpse.


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    1. Lots of peoples homes are destroyed all along the river’s, also all around Sproat Lake, I saw a picture of a play ground totally under water! And the worse it yet to come! As of today No one has been hurt ! Thanks for the thoughts! T.

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