A Quick Peek Video W/Voice…

This is just a quick 3.5 min Video taking a peak outside my windows and my lovely pets….I might sound a bit like a robot, but I’m just tired.  I do make a couple mistakes speaking (like my Budgie is Molting, not Shedding and The Hummingbird feeder’s hole was frozen solid,  I didn’t actually blow a hole through it!!) …but I was nervous!

I stole this idea from Mer @ Knockedoverbyafeather  She thought it was neat to actually hear the persons voice as you set an image or sound in your head to what the person your reading sounds like!  So…here it goes!


2 thoughts on “A Quick Peek Video W/Voice…

  1. It does make a big difference to hear a voice over, Teresa. Sometimes, we do wonder what we sound like on recording. Fun, fun, fun to see the birds. Hope the vet finds out how to make your dog feel better. And Lucy, ha ha ha, same name as my cat. Stay warm and use a pole for walking in the snow. I do. Take care. Perpetua.

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