Wishing All a Happy Holiday & Sharing Some Pretty Holiday Lights

Every year almost all ports of sea have a Christmas Sail Past..our town has one also…I’m practicing my night shots (and not getting very good at it) but I thought I’d share some neat Christmas Light shots on the water and some funky shots I took of the tree in the local square..enjoy!

Clock Tower Sail Past & Snow 023 (640x480).jpg
Our clock Tower Harbour Quay
Street Scene Sail Past & Snow 022 (640x480).jpg
Lots of people converging on the free Hot Chocolate Stand (it was very, very cold and foggy).
Sail Past & Snow 016 (640x631).jpg
My Favorite One!
Sail Past & Snow 010 (640x481).jpg
A beauty of a blur! lol…
Sail Past & Snow 011 (640x480).jpg
The reflections in the water are what I like!
Sail Past & Snow 020 (640x480).jpg
The fog really distorted things..

Sail Past & Snow 014 (640x611).jpg

Sail Past & Snow 012 (640x480).jpg

Sail Past & Snow 041 (640x480).jpg
Pretty lame Christmas tree..but the shots get more colourful as my camera takes off by it’s self!

Moving lites 1 Sail Past & Snow 039 (640x480).jpg

Moving lites 2 Sail Past & Snow 040 (640x480).jpg

Moving lites Sail Past & Snow 042 (640x480).jpg
I Love This One!

There were Fire Works but I’ll post them in the New Year!

Train Station @Sail Past & Snow 054 (640x480).jpg
The Train Station in the fog…
Mt. Arrowsmith Sail Past & Snow 059 (640x480).jpg
Aka: Ladybuggz and Crew!!

Photo is of Mt. Arrowsmith

See you on Friday for the Photo Word of the Day…



6 thoughts on “Wishing All a Happy Holiday & Sharing Some Pretty Holiday Lights

  1. Really atmospheric pictures, and although you may have had a beauty of a blur (in one) there was that real feeling of a cold, misty, hot-chocolate type night, along with the Christmas lights!

    Very Merry Christmas to you and a photo filled 2017 šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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