WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient #2

The Anna’s Hummingbird, the smallest, most “Resilient ” little bird I’ve ever seen!

I Am A Christmas Light!

X-Mas 2016 005 (640x480).jpg
There has to be a better place to sit out the storm??
What a great place to keep my feet warm! No one will think to look for me here! Got to shake off that cold snow and rain!
X-Mas 2016 007 (640x480).jpg
Any one see me here? I am a Christmas Light…I am a Christmas Light …I am a Christmas Light!
Safe and dry, I think I’ll have a snooze!

With our temperatures getting down to -9 over night I can’t help to worry about my little friend I’ve named “Spot” (for the little white spot on his side, he’s easy to recognize)!Ha! I’m a poet and don’t know it! lol…  I’ll make sure he has non frozen nectar ready for him at first light! Funny, he choose that same spot last winter to sit and get out of the storm!



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Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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