My Attempt At Tile Art

I was a little stir crazy this Christmas but I remembered we had 2 Coffee cup coasters that were broken and put away (like any regular hoarder would do)!  So I went about re- creating them on a larger scale, plain white  bathroom tiles is what I used so they could be used not just for coffee cups! I made sure they were sprayed with real stinky stuff that helps keep the paint on ! What do you think??

Ps…I probably did a no no with copy right infringement but who’s going to tell on me??


X-Mas 2016 015 (640x218).jpgX-Mas 2016 016 (640x480).jpgX-Mas 2016 017 (640x480).jpgX-Mas 2016 014 (640x301).jpg

Do you think I threw the old one’s out??? Of course not! they sit atop the new ones so they don’t get wrecked!!lol… I will throw them out one day ( I promise) !

10 thoughts on “My Attempt At Tile Art

Live,Love,Laugh, and eat lots of icecream!

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