Home Run By “Pencil Artist” Don Bergen”!

For all those that follow my blog, you know I have shown quite a few of a Port Alberni, BC’s well known “Pencil Artist Don Bergen’s Art”. I just love it and enjoy showing it off to all of you!

Over the past few months I have become friends with Don and his wife Joyce and over Christmas I asked if he could do a picture of my 14.5 yr. old dog “Buggz”( who isn’t in the best of health) for my hubby. He called me over the other day with the completed picture…..I was almost in tears I loved it so much!

So here it is and I hope you all agree it is great, I also included the original photo he drew it from ..

Buggz by Don.jpg




If you want more info on Don’s art please go to his Pinterest site..DonBergen@Pinterest or look up my previous posts on Don’s art to see the wonderful work he does!

9 thoughts on “Home Run By “Pencil Artist” Don Bergen”!

  1. Wow, he really captured the essence of Buggz and his sweetness just leaps off the page. What a talented artist, and a keepsake you’ll treasure forever!

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