Some Where Down The Crazy River….

Fog the mind and stir the soul …I can’t find no control…

I had this cassette tape when it first came out, it was one I played over and over…I was in a bit of a wild stage in my life, seeing this guy I really didn’t know much about, finding things just didn’t add up (ya, one of those kind). I left this tape in the car we were riding around in, only to never see him, my cassette or the car again…turned out the car was stolen, he was a burglar and thief  and the box of a multitude of jewelry he picked a necklace out of for me wasn’t his Grandmothers! Plus he was wanted by the RCMP!

I learned my lesson!

I just loved it’s sultry feeling, but listening to it now, I understand it more as an emotional journey…down the Crazy River….. I really miss my Robbie Robertson tape.!! 😦

3 thoughts on “Some Where Down The Crazy River….

  1. I remember this song …gosh I miss those days. It is the perfect accompaniment to your story, really brought it to life for me really…I can see you driving along with your (likely) sexy lawbreaker, living in the moment with out a true sense of what was or what was yet come.

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