Hitting Rock Bottom (of the bucket).

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We have a new person tonight, would you like to introduce yourself??

Ah, not really, but I will,  Hi, my name is “T”, and, and …. I’m a..a.. an Ice-Cream-aholic…….

Thank you “T” please feel free to join in, would you like to tell us how you found us??? …….

No! Don’t ask me anymore questions, just leave me the Fuck alone, you told me I didn’t have to participate!!

This is how I think it would go! I just can’t see myself in the basement of an old Church ( Yikes!, I just got singed! ) where they call weekly Bingo for the old coots with blue & pink hair, 6 inch ciggy’s hanging out of their orange-red ringed imaginary lips, their big saggy tits and their line of ugly little troll dolls that are reflected in their cloudy blood-shot eyes.  The only difference is its night, a ring of sad unkept fat people with a ton of food stains all over their wrinkled baggy clothes, some look like chocolate syrup stains and some sweet sticky ice-cream stains, well, at least that’s what the person sitting next to them hope those stains are.  If these people are anything like me, which they aren’t of course! all that ice cream going into your stomach is like eating a box of ex-lax!  It makes your bowels grumble and growl, gas cramps double you over and they don’t wait for no-one ! I don’t think I’ll be going any place like that in the near future!      I DON’T HAVE PROBLEM !!!  OK???

My hubby told me last night that I have a problem and I need help! Last night around 8pm I was so tired and just getting ready for bed when  at the mere mention of ice cream I perked up and started getting giddy, he told me my eye’s suddenly had twinkle in them . but we’re  broke, we didn’t have the $6.90 for a 4 litre bucket of Safeway Ice Cream but I came up with a plan, I always have a plan! Bottles! we’ve got a ton of bottles to take in to the bottle depot. Eureka ! So off I sent him, hurry, hurry before the store closes………I was so happy!!  How F’n Sad…..

I Got A Problem!!   I’m out of Ice-Cream!  Oh No!!

Maybe  I’ll  just freeze some of the cheap $1.99 containers of yogurt I bought, or use my popsicle maker,?  it’s just not the same, that ice-cold feeling meets warm as it slides down the back of the throat, boy I’m sure going to miss it, maybe I should have married an Eskimo! wink,wink,nod!! lol….

15 thoughts on “Hitting Rock Bottom (of the bucket).

  1. No…no, no ice cream here. I’m too cold without ice cream…never mind a nice cold bowl of it. Bingo, I love it!! I haven’t been in 5 years but I love it. Do I win? Occasionally….but not for 10 years. I think I figured I lose far too much when I play so I quit going. The trolls I don’t miss. Seems I attract trolls cause these ladies bring their band of trolls to sit beside me and scoff when I miss a number. Maybe I wouldn’t miss it if I didn’t have 1001 eyes watching my every move.


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  2. I used to do the Bingo thing (Yes, I was one of the youngest “regulars”), but have not missed it a bit since I quit going a few years ago. Especially those Troll dolls! God, some tables were set up to look even gaudier than my shelf of critters at home looks!!!

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  3. Funny, I had an ice-cream thing this week, even in this freezing cold weather! I did the food shopping, got back to the car and remembered I’d wanted some ice-creams, and had to go back in! Normally I’d never have bothered. It was one of those ‘must have’ moments! D’yo think we connected on some sort of strange ice-cream level??! 🙂

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    1. I think so…lol.. I actually haven’t had any in a few months, even just the other day he suggested buying some and I said no! I’ve lost 40 lbs so I think it’s working! I wrote this quite a while ago, thought it good for a laugh! But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat any!! just don’t be like I was, 4 liter’s in less then a wk/every wk ! yikes!!! My motto on my emails is: Live Love & Eat Ice Cream!! ❤ T.

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  4. Ok, I have an idea…this really works too, I’ve tested it out! Go right now and slice up a couple of ripe bananas. Stick em in the freezer for about 4 hours. When you are ready, Put them in your blender, Ninja, Blendtec, whatever you got- and blend the heck out of em! You go in stages, blend and scrape, until it becomes a smooth texture. Then, if you want, you can add in things like spices, nuts, fruit, chocolate chips…whatever-or just drizzle some melted caramel or chocolate over it and you will not be disappointed! Try it and let me know what you think!

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    1. I wrote this a long time ago…I haven’t touched any ice cream in months…I was just bored last night and thought it was funny and republished it! I’ve lost 40 lbs since not eating that stuff…and I do have frozen banana’s in my freezer..how did you know?? lol…

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    1. My hubby is addicted to those…I haven’t touched ice cream in months…it was an old post…it was good for a laugh! Loonie Toonies! glad that made your mom laugh!! (there is a picture of a loon on it)! lol.. (hugs) T.

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