Shelf Kritter Theater @ Ladybuggz House

A Bloody Murder!

Shelf kritter theatre 033 (640x480).jpg

One Eyed Flying  Hummer (or as his friends call him) “OEFH!!” on his trusty flying pig Margaret where out for a joy ride one day, when out of the blue they ran right into “Jelly Belly” the spineless big balled teddy….all because of the big monster that appeared in the distance!

shelf-kritter-theatre-034-640x480His Ball’s popped out as soon as he was absolutely dead!


Oh My God!! shelf-kritter-theatre-036-640x480What have I done?? screamed OeFH!!! No sooner as he got the words out, along came Larry the Lama blurting out….You’ve killed Spineless Teddy Ball’s!! What have you done???

OEFH! Exclaimed “It was Margaret the Pig that did it!! Not Me, My cape was in my eye and I was trying to tune in her tail and the big monster appeared and I had to swerve!!

Larry the Lama says to OEFH! & Margaret “I better check to see if he’s got a pulse”! “Wait a damn minute here!” says Larry, what’s that coming out of Spine-less’s butt?? “I better take a sniff”!

Larry bends over to sniff Spineless big balled Teddy and falls over dead!


Next to appear is a big black and white bear called “God Of Bears…Kung Fu-Bruce Lee”. Oh No! exclaimed The GOB Bruce Lee,” I felt the essence of a dying bear and soared through the air like a Crouching Tiger with such grace to get here in time…I see , his balls already fell out….I’m late…damn! 2 Kritters are dead now, your to blame old caped one’!!

“I only have one eye says OEFH! and pigs aren’t suppose to it’s not my fault”! “A big monster came out of know where and we had to swerve!”

This carpet is red with the blood you spilled OEFH!! says Bruce Lee!


With all the commotion going on, next to show up on the murder scene is  Ruby, the sock Monkey…but all she does is cover her eye’s and ears and keeps repeating…”I see no Evil, I hear No Evil” over and over again.

OEFH! Drops off of Margaret falling dead as a door knob…dying of a massive heart attack!

Ruby is still repeating “I see No Evil, I hear No Evil, she won’t shut the F…K Up!!

Then fly’s in Twitter Bird, saying..” taught I taw a Monster??” Bruce Lee says…I tink you taw long Witter!! “Twit making twun of me woss wee!!!”  I wheely taw a monster!! Waybe if I swit swill, he won’t swee me”!


In came the Big Monster  attracted by all the blood and stink…and He Killed everyone except Twitter bird…cause he swat swill and never voved!



Special appearance by Buggz (The Big Monster)



9 thoughts on “Shelf Kritter Theater @ Ladybuggz House

    1. LMAO!! no, just being totally silly and tired..the tired part was probably the idea guy! I was up till midnight doing the commentary.. Laughing my self silly…Pat thought I was “high also”! Trying to keep the dog from jumping on all “his toys” and making it fun for him was also very funny! lol… 🙂


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