All Natural Buddha Balm: Pain Relieving THC Balm




For all the people that know me, you know I suffer from  debilitating “Chronic Nerve Pain” caused by inflammation and have suffered for many years now.

Until recently I was on a heavy pain killer which was messing with my head and body so I decided to go cold turkey…Being from Canada and on our healthcare system the medication I need is way too costly so I’ve had to look for an alternative.

I’ve dabbled in  marijuana since I was 15, nothing serious, but over the years I stopped because I have become more and more sensitive to it and it was causing  Asthma attacks..not fun! So I tried Edibles, they also caused problems because of food allergies. So next on my list was CBD Capsules (CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in cannabis that belong to a class of molecules called cannabinoids and is being highly toted as a treatment for many ailments). I seemed to have a reaction to this also. So my next choice was a Cannabis THC Oil, well that stuff made me feel just as crappy as smoking it!  So on to my next product to test…

After a few inquires at our best local  “Leaf Compassion Store” the product “All Natural, All Organic Buddha Balm” was my next test, hearing nothing but rave reviews  and that it is made here in British Columbia by a company called ” MISSENVY.CA. made me want to support the local economy! So….

I did a quick peruse of the ingredients  which are : Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Butter , Organic Castor Oil ,Organic Jojoba Oil, Essentials Oils ( smells slightly like Tiger BaIm ) and contains 200mg of Lab Tested THC  (Tetrahydrocannibinol,  Cannabidol ). The product also can be used for: Eczema, Arthritis,Psoriasis, Muscle Pain and Natural SPF. I purchased the product and took it home.

Devils eye and Buddha 022 (640x480).jpg

It wasn’t long before I had my hubby apply it to my back, the swollen lump of my surgery spot and the muscles along both sides of my spine.  The Buddha Balm  actually started working in less then 5 minutes! Wow! what a difference! I was able to nap without an ice-pack and able to go for a small walk without back/leg pain! I have only been using the product when absolutely needed and it has lasted me almost 2 months, you don’t need to use much either! I have had better results with “Buddha Balm” then the expensive pharmaceutical “Voltaren Emugel”.

The only negative thing I can think of about this product is the packaging, it does look nice but the size is an optical illusion!  When you open the jar there is about a 1/4″ of plastic jar all around the actual 30 ml pot of balm in the middle, if they cut back on the container size ( all the glam)  and go to a more economical container it might just bring the cost down a bit as it is approx. $30.00 Canadian for 30ml ( 2 Tbsp).

I highly recommend “Buddha Balm” for anyone that can get their hands on it that suffers from Nerve Pain and Inflammation! I’ve been spreading the word about this great product and hope it’s made available to more and more people across the country !

For more info go to  or visit  “


13 thoughts on “All Natural Buddha Balm: Pain Relieving THC Balm

    1. Hi Cheryl, thanks for stopping by, not sure where you’d buy it in your town but it comes out of Vancouver and you can order it online, it is made by Miss Envy (web address below)! It’s what I have to do now as the store I was getting it doesn’t sell it anymore, it’s a shame! I have bought a different kind recently and it works pretty well, it is called Sea Cream all purpose salve, it has a higher thc (300mg) and is made by:
      let me know how you work out with ordering! 🙂


  1. That’s great! I’m glad it worked for you, but what about people in the US, can it be purchased without a doctor’s recommendation? I mean, can anyone buy it? Just curious, I too have chronic back/neck/shoulder pain and would love to try it. I heard about it from Roxy as well, it must be good with all the rave reviews! I’m so glad you found relief!

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