Fish Sticks, The Saga: Keeping Goldfish Is Not Easy!

The other day I was cleaning out my office when I came across a little green note pad, written on it was “Fish Sticks the Saga”. I fondly perused through it and would like to share it with you. It was started in October of 1994 and went for just over a year,  I must say I was pretty stubborn to make them all live happy lives. Even though one fish in particular survived for 6 yrs. I have to write from memory about him, he was our favorite named Klink a large Fancy Fan Tail!

Fish Sticks 1.JPG

  • Oct.14th 1994, a Birthday Present, a fish bowl and 6 fish (cost of fish $1.50).
  • 4 died, 2 survived, it is believed the one’s that passed died of affectation. The 2 that lived are named Marg. & Hommer
  • Oct. 26th 1994 purchased a 12 gallon tank for $83.00 and added 6 new goldfish, named Bart, Gordon, Sharkie,Casper,Dogwood, Q, Hoss, Little Joe was a small Fan Tail, he was real cute.
  • Hoss died late Nov.1994, he drowned (it can happen!) inside a large conch shell, he got stuck in the spiral. We had to smash it open with a hammer to get him out. We were too late…Dearly missed.
  • Dec.24th  1994 Hubby received Klink as a birthday present( he was a Calico Fan Tail), also received 3 more fish from Walmart, we named them; Batty (a Black Moore Head, big googly eyes) Blacky (another Black Moore Head) and Victoria, a large orange & white fan tail.
  • Dec.31st Batty died, and we found out all the Walmart fish had the disease Ich, added medication to the water hoping it will cure it!
  • Jan.02nd 1995 Blackie died, Hommer seems to be sick with some find of fungus, so added a heater to the water and more medication.
  • Jan.03rd  Homer is dead, the other fish started to eat him! Update; as of this day we had 10 fancy goldfish, 2 Calico Comets and 6 Orange Comets.
  • Jan.13th a Friday, we incorporated 5 White clouds, skinny small fast and thought of as food by everyone in the tank!
  • Jan.23rd Introduced 2 Calico comets and one baby Fancy Calico Fan Tail/Moore Head! we’ll name him Wiggles!
  • Feb.04th One of the White clouds died possibly because of too much chlorine in the water…ran out of drops!
  • Feb.17th Added 6 more Comets and noticed Little Joe is not doing well, don’t think he’ll made the weekend! Feb.18th Little Joe was very sick and met a royal flush ride to fishy heaven…a very sad moment!
  • Feb.19th Out of the recently added 6 Comets 2 are on deaths door.
  • Feb.20th We have 17 fish left, sadly Cutey Pie died Feb.22nd, on Feb.23rd I added 2 more Calico fantails and 2 more comets..I didn’t give up!
  • Mar.10th Bought another black Moore Head from Walmart and named him Spooky, by Mar.22nd Spooky was not doing well and when cleaning the tank I accidentally sucked him up with the siphon! Another Royal flush!
  • End of March, Klink is blowing kisses in the corner of the tank, doing it at all hours of the day and night….Figured out why a couple months later, also purchased a new filter and a book about fish..about $60.00!
  • April 12th @ 9:30 pm noticed Sharkie having trouble with something in his mouth, looking closer I noticed a rock stuck in his mouth and he was struggling, so using 2 nets I caught him and had to pry out the rock with a toothpick, he lived but I ripped the corner of his mouth but he’s ok!
  • April 30th head count is 19.
  • June 3rd Everyone is doing well, Sharkie now has a permanent hair lip!
  • June 7th Victoria has been hanging and floating upside down, read it could be her swim bladder or could be just constipation, book says to feed them Spirulina (it cures fish constipation) LOL! . So on June 16th fed them some and on June 17th she was still floating upside down so I would go over and give her a poke and every time she’d let out a big long poop! She is swimming fine now so I guess she was just full of shit and gas! Amazing!!
  • Oct.23rd 1995 Victoria still floats upside down once in a while but seems ok. All the fish form a Totem in one corner of the tank when they want to be fed. Also The White clouds are disappearing, seems like Klink’s kisses are his way of hunting them as he smacks the corner and stuns the little guys and eats them! Wow! A Fish eat Fish world!
  • Nov.01 Gave away a bunch of fish….The end of the note book!
  • Now as I remember and the photo above shows I had 4 fish left by then…Klink the large calico Fancy Tail, little Googles, a Comet and I don’t remember the other big orange guys name! By this time I was getting tired of everyone dying and the cost was just not worth it any more. I put the Comet and other orange fish in my neighbors fish pond where they actually did well until a big blue Heron found them and cleaned the pond out!
  • Klink lived to the rip old age of 6, and was about 1 foot long by then. he also had a swim bladder problem and could only swim upside down, this time the fish wasn’t constipated! He contracted some sort of slimy fungus and he was suffering…he was too big for a Royal Flush so I put him in a coffee can, filled it with water and put him in the freezer…I know that sounds awful but I really didn’t have a choice, I cried for days over how I had to put him down but it was better then seeing him die in the tank!
  • So the moral of this story is: think twice before committing to a fish tank, they are hard work and cause a lot of heartache!Fish Sticks 2.JPG

Swim on my Friends! I’ll never forget you!



6 thoughts on “Fish Sticks, The Saga: Keeping Goldfish Is Not Easy!

  1. So sorry you went through all that! Fish are fun, but you really have to do your homework before getting the tank set up and putting all the fish in. We studied on it a while, but decided on dogs instead! 😉

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