Don’t Fence Me In!

“Don’t Fence Me In”

With Flower Pots????

goofy days of Feb.2017 002 (552x640).jpg
Hey, don’t knock it…I couldn’t think of something to block the stairs with ! At least it keeps him from falling down the stairs! .

I’ve had a few people look at me strangely when they’ve come over, stepping gingerly over the flower pots… almost too afraid to ask.  My answer every time… He’s 80% blind and can’t jump very high anymore, the flower pots work great!  They keep him up on the porch. 10 stairs is a long way down, I should know, I’ve fallen down them once!  Just have to figure out something else once I need to use them! lol…

9 thoughts on “Don’t Fence Me In!

    1. he jumped over a couple short ones one day, that’s why I had to stack more up… I looked out side and he was standing at the top of the stairs…I freaked, he wasn’t even out there for more then 10 min. Sneaky little buggz! He hasn’t tried it again, thankfully! lol…


    1. Your the second person who suggested that! lol.. I have caught my foot on them and knocked them over…and almost went down! But no they weren’t to blame, just my big feet! lol… 😉 T.

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