They Say ” Don’t Run” For A Reason!

Who are They ??

answer: Anyone who lived to tell about it!

Bear eating booot.jpg

It was an early fall day when Hubby decided to make the trek into the land of nothing to deliver a care package to his sick friend who was stuck in a small cabin out of the boonies.

 It was a 3 mile hike from the last bus stop out of town and then a 2 mile hike down a remote dirty, dusty, gravel road that lead into the deep dark forest.

After walking all that way he decided to stay for an hour or two to rest up for the walk back to civilization. When he left, it was early afternoon with the fall heat of the day at it’s strongest. Walking back up this road was a dusty, dirty, hot and exhausting exercise, where you let your mind wander off into your own dream world. So being aware of his surroundings wasn’t top of the list.

There was a steep ditch on one side of the road that was covered in Fire weed and Black berry bushes and a few tree’s sprinkled in between.  Out of the corner of hubbies eye as he came upon this site was what he thought was a big black dog which was only partially visible between the tall grass and weeds.  Just in case this dog wasn’t friendly he bent down and picked up a few stones from the gravel road, it wasn’t until he stood up from grabbing the rocks did he recognize the black shape wasn’t a dog but a Black Bear!

They stood there about 20 ft  apart from one another, both a little spooked and not sure what to do next. It was then the Bear decided to turn and run back into the ditch and climb up the closest tree, seeing this as an out, hubby started to run towards the main road … about 1 mile away! (idiot!) Sorry I just had to add that word…lol

The Bear was probably thinking “this must be where I get out of the tree and chase that 170 lbs of warm fresh meat”, so it did!  Now hubby has a bad leg and bad hips, and smokes like a chimney so he didn’t get very far by the time he needed to take a breath break! It was then as he gulped for air he saw the bear lumbering up the road towards  him, so out came the rocks,  being a pretty good Ball player with a great arm he started pegging rocks at the bear!  Well it startled the crap out of it…literally!  and it ran up another tree! So off running hubby went again, and again the bear came back  down out of the tree and started after him!

Hubby made it to the main road out of breath and drenched in sweat hoping like hell a vehicle would drive by so he could jump in front of it to make it stop or get ran over before being eaten by a bear(quicker and less painful I guess?). Luck was on his side when a pick-up truck  being driven by an old man came rumbling down the hill, once it started getting closer to him, hubby  jumped out onto the road waving his hands in a frantic motion trying to get the guy to stop. The man slowed the truck down and unwound his passenger window being a tad cautious of this crazy guy flailing his arms about!

Hubby kept looking behind him and could see the bear was still coming, the sight of the truck wasn’t deterring him at all!  Hubby was in a panic, trying to get the guy to believe him he needed in the truck because a bear was chasing him, the old guy didn’t believe him at all…saying “that’s just a dog running up the road”, hubby said ” That’s Not A Dog!, Look Again!” so the old guy looked again, this time he looked a little harder ( he probably needed glasses) convinced  only then it was a bear, “Get in the truck!” he yells!

So the old guy gave him a ride to the second bus stop, dropping hubby off at a friends house that was closer to town. Hubby ran up to the door and pounded on it frantically, Roach (that was this guys name) came to the door and hubby  babbled something about a bear chasing him as he barreled past Roach heading to the kitchen to down about a gallon of water right away. Hubby was so jacked up on adrenaline, babbling away  to Roach and friends about his run in and how freaked out he was,well everyone thought it was hilarious!  It took hubby about 1/2 hr. for him to calm down enough to carry on his journey home…When he got home it was like he relived it all over again for me, I couldn’t help but laugh at his story, I believed him but it was damn funny!  I just had to say  to him…”Don’t you know They” say not to run if chased by a Bear? Idiot!  Glad your home safe and sound and didn’t get eaten by a bear!”  LOL !!  😉


10 thoughts on “They Say ” Don’t Run” For A Reason!

    1. LOL…He might of had a bologna sandwich in his pocket! 😉 You should see him when he see’s a snake, he jumps up in the air and his legs spin around at warp speed, and shots off like a rocket! you hear a sonic boom! just like in cartoons..LMAO!! 😉

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    1. Then not long after that he was stocked by a Cougar at the same place…it ended up going up to the cabin to where the dog was…they shot it right at the front door steps! Scary…Cougars are sneaky! (shivers)..:)

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  1. Oh I love this story. You described it so I could just imagine being your hubby and that feeling of being scared shitless! I know they say don’t run, and in extreme situations, play dead! A friend of mine in B.C once encountered a bear at the dump and had to leg it back to his truck. He said ‘That’s when you know Adrenalin is brown!’ So glad your hubby lived to tell the tale. 🙂

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