National Cat Day! Remembering Banditt

Remembering My Banditt

Banditt In Money Plants (640x258).jpg

X-mas banditt

I’ve been owned by a few cats throughout my life but none have ever left a bigger hole in my heart then Banditt. This is a story of how she came into our lives…

It was about 8 months after our old cat “Fat Cat” had passed away and I said to my hubby that I don’t think I can own another cat, it’s just too painful to loose them.  He agreed.

It was nearing the end of the summer, I was taking my bucket of vegetable waste out to the compost which was under our plum tree, in amongst the flowers and weeds hunkered down beside the compost was this small white cat with the coal eyes and grey tail. The cat was a bit spooked when I approached but didn’t leave, just another cat from the neighborhood I figured so I told it to scat. It did. This cat kept turning up in our yard and we kept shooing it away until one day I decided to talk to it, it started talking back to me.

This little cat was starved for attention, and so affectionate I fell in love with her right away, wrapping herself around my legs and reaching up with her paws and tapping me as to say”don’t quit”. She was skinny and covered with flea bites, she had no collar so I figured she had been abandoned. I kept my clandestine meetings with her secret because I knew hubby didn’t want a new cat (as we spoke earlier, neither did I until something about her touched my soul).  I made her up a bed in our shed and showed it to her, she took to it like it was her’s since birth, I also slipped her food every day also.  About a week later hubby told me he shoed the little white cat away a few times that week, I knew I just had to break the news to him that she was living in our shed and I wanted to keep her, he didn’t mind at all and by the next week she was living in our house!

Next thing I did with her was give her a bath, she loved it oddly! I put a flea collar on her and gave her the best cat food money could buy, she started filling out nicely. Then came “What are we going to call her”? we both looked at her and thought with the coal markings around her eye’s she reminded us of a racoon, and what are racoons?? Banditt’s! So we called her Banditt.  She came to her name instantly, and that kind of surprised us at how quickly she took to it, maybe that was her name?? She stuck around the yard and was kept in the house at night, she slept on only one spot on the bed and seemed to know she couldn’t sleep anywhere else. Smart Cat! She adopted us 100%!

One day about a month later I let her out for the morning before I went to work, I kept the kitchen window open just enough she could come and go at will all the time. Whenever she came back into the house she give you a little “Merrp!” as if to say “Hello”! Well that day after getting home from work she was late for supper, I was a bit worried but it wasn’t long before she came prancing in doing her little “Merrp” to us.  When I reached down to pick her up and give her some loving I noticed there was writing on her flea collar…

It said ” My name is Banditt, I live at (What-ever address it was), please call this number”. I was shocked to say the least, I had thoughts of  whoever this was wanted her back… I reluctantly picked up the phone and called.  A man named Brian answered the phone, and I explained who I was, the conversation was a bit awkward at first but he told me all about Banditt and her life before us.  She was a Himalayan, they love water (that’s why she loved her bath), she had been stepped on by a tenant that lived in his house when she was just a kitten, her back had been broken but healed well.  She was 2 yrs. old, she lived with a couple dogs and her brother (a big orange tom cat) who kept beating her up and chasing her away, hence why she was living under my plum tree and looking for a home. Brian thought he had lost her until she walked into his house with the flea collar. He told me she looked great and said I was taking such good care of her that if I promised to take her to the vet for check ups, keep her vaccinations up to date and just give her endless amounts of love he would reluctantly give her to me, even though she was his favorite pet,  I agreed and thanked him!

It was a pretty bizarre story of how she came to live with us, but it felt really good that she chose us even though we chased her away so many times. She lived till she was 12 yrs. old and passed away from heart failure, it was one of the saddest days of our lives.

So Celebrate National Cat Day And Love Your Cat (s) To The Fullest, And Remember… They Choose Their Owners, Not The Other Way Around.  ❤

Look Deep into My Eyes... Then Kiss Me! (640x480) (2)

Miss ya my gorgeous girl ❤ ❤ ❤

13 thoughts on “National Cat Day! Remembering Banditt

  1. T, this is a wonderful heartwarming story, so well written, and a gorgeous photo of Banditt, she is just beautiful. Obviously you were so very sad to lose her, but on the positive side she gave you twelve wonderful years of love. A Happy National Cat Day! 🙂


  2. What a beautiful story and tribute. I know the pain of losing a pet (a family member). It can hurt for years. I adore the photos of you precious loved one. Thank your sharing this poignant story with us.

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  3. What a beautiful face, her color was so pretty. how true it is cats they own you, you don’t own them lol. Spike my cat is now living with my daughter Ashley as she told me she’s so lonely and love’s Spike so much, of course she grew up with him.
    I must say he’s not suffering lol anything but best food and cat toys money can buy lol. But still loves his 1.00 store cat tent and mice, and Ashley sent me a picture him sleeping in a box that is twice as small as he is, even if he has a double bed upstairs that’s all his . I don’t know what I do without all my animals that has touched my life, the ones that are now gone I carry in my heart and the ones that is still with me make my world so much better 🙂

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