Worry Warts and Blemishes

Worry Warts and Blemishes

odd picturesMy mother always told me if I worried too much I’d grow Worry Warts. I’m joking… the only words of wisdom my mother ever told me was to eat the crust’s of your bread, it will make your hair grow curly! It only took 50 yrs, but she was right!

This last 2 months have been hell, especially this month…I think if it was true about the warts I’d be covered like Chicken Pocks!

I try not to rant on here unless it’s important, and I think this is important…..My hubby called me from work one night saying he was peeing straight blood! I made him go to the Hospital, but all they told him is he broke a blood vessel and told him to phone a Urologist. Well a month later he finally had the apt., they put a camera up the old hose.

Hopefully we all know the concern about blood in the urine…the big “C” word pops into the head, well the camera found a tumor on his bladder.  So, the worry warts started.

I Googled tumors on the bladder and I think it said 1 in 4 are not Cancerous, so cross your fingers!  Today he is getting a Intravenous Pyelogram  Cat Scan to light up his plumbing to see how big and if it has spread out roots, it’s the test to see if he needs to be opened up to remove it or he’s able to have just the snipers up the hose to remove it. His surgery is already booked for the 19th of this month.  He’s worried, I’m worried, because Cancer runs in his family. My uncle died of Bladder Cancer.

I usually have my posts posted to my Facebook, but not this one, I don’t want our families to worry. I have only shared this with my brother and sister-in-law because my sister-in-law is going through her own scare of possible cancer.  I told her “don’t worry too much, you’ll only grow worry warts”. I have no idea why I said that….

All of this is weighing heavy on my poor tired brain, I thought posting it would help… well,  truth be told…..not much!

18 thoughts on “Worry Warts and Blemishes

  1. Oh bloody hell T, I can imagine how worried you are, and however you try to point your mind into a different direction it keeps coming back to the worry. It’s a dreadful time when you’re waiting for the results of tests. I just have everything crossed for you, and hubby, I really do. Hugs x

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